Pregnancy is filled with a multitude of changes.  It is easy for women to feel out of control over the changes that take place in their bodies and long for some sense of normalcy and authority.

The cosmetic industry doesn’t miss an opportunity to capitalize on this desire.  The market is filled with products that claim to give new and expectant mothers back their youthful skin.  Stretch marks are often an unpleasant side effect of pregnancy and many women find themselves looking for a solution to these disagreeable skin issues.

What is a Stretch Mark?

A stretch mark is actually a tear in the dermal or center layer of skin caused by sustained stretching of the skin.  Certain medications and hormones can also cause stretch marks.  They appear as deep red or purple furrows in the skin that are recurringly referred to as striae for their stripped pattern of occurrence.   They are permanent and can only be purged by surgical removal of the affected skin by a synthetic surgeon.

Many products claim to erase, fade or put a stop to stretch marks. Among the oldest and most popularly trusted products are stretch mark oils.  Many types of oils are used for stretch mark treatment.  Some of the more popular stretch mark oils are Vitamin E oil, Vitamin A oil, olive oil, emu oil, and squalene oil. These stretch mark oils are popular during pregnancy to help increase the elasticity of the skin to help it better withstand the stretching that occurs during pregnancy.  A well nourished, hydrated skin fares superior during this stressful time.  Unfortunately, some women are simply fated to get stretch marks no matter what preventative measures they take.

Stretch mark oils are a good way to hydrate the skin and the rubbing wanted to apply these oils can help increase circulation to the skin.  Proper circulation is compulsory for the body to deliver nutrients to the skin. Many diverse types of creams and oils for stretch mark treatment and prevention can be easily obtained on the internet.  They range in price from a few to hundreds of dollars.  Stretch mark oils are a popular, noninvasive treatment for stretch marks that already exist also.  Many regulars have testified to the effectiveness of Vitamin E to aid the body in the healing process and it is commonly found in marketed stretch mark oils today.

The greatest news is that over time, usually six months to one year, stretch marks become less discernible as the rosiness fades to a silvery-white, and as the body returns to a normal weight, the deep furrows can lessen in the width and depth.  The use of stretch mark oils effectiveness is popularly debated due to the variables of contributing factors and that the body tends to heal itself over time.

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