I was petrified. You wouldn’t be surprised to know that I was happy to be home in India as the swine flu spread in California. I heard from a friend that the life is a little hard now as they move out of their houses very cautiously- no shopping, no park and no swimming. I would have missed all these activities.

And the day after I landed in Mumbai airport I read in a newspaper that they have started screening all the travelers coming to India. Wow! I had a close escape. I would definitely not be pleased to get screened after a 20 hour flight.

Flu is very exhausting. It will have you floored for a week. You grunt with headaches, sore throat, cold and a couple of other disturbing symptoms. Not an enjoyable time, is it? And the fatigue that follows it shamelessly for weeks! Many people try to keep away from the hospitals fearing another infection. It is however, advisable to consult a doctor to diagnose what flu it is.

  • The wisest thing you could do is to keep yourself safe from the flu viruses and germs because it doesn’t have a cure. Keep up your immunity as the first step. Common sense tells us to keep away from people who already have a cold or flu. And if you have contracted the virus follow an etiquette not to spread the germs. Cough and sneeze covering your nose and mouth with your handkerchief. It is an etiquette which everyone must follow. Blow your nose only in the shower.
  • The best thing you can do is to get enough rest and forget stress.  Rest will speed up recovery.
    It is not an appetizing time if you have a cold but all the same you have to eat and drink well. Your body needs all the nutrients and minerals as it is in a fatigue mode. You also need plenty of fluids to clear out your sinuses and mucus.  A hot chicken soup with pepper should be cleansing your nasal passage.
  • Get a steam to get rid of blocked noses. A few drops of eucalyptus oil or slices of ginger in water can make a good aromatic steam.
  • Use OTC drugs for a symptomatic treatment. There are no antibiotics for viruses. So take some hard candies and expectorants.
  • Vitamin C is said to work for some people.
  • Have a ginger ale!
  • We all have our immunity to protect us from invaders. But not everyone’s immune system is strong enough to fight back these intruders. Using garlic in your diet generally helps you to build up your immunity. Keep a mint chewing gum handy, though.
  • Look for a natural remedy to boost your immunity and to ward off seasonal flus and colds.

-Aparna K V

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