Many of us are frequent travelers and suffer from severe jet lag. Jet lag is a physiological problem which occurs when our body clock is disturbed. It is scientifically referred to as desynchronosis and dysrhythmia or even jet syndrome.

Here are few ways to reduce and possibly avoid jet lag on your next flight across time zones.

1. Stay rested: Jet lag happens when our body clock is disturbed. Try and maintain a constant sleep pattern two to three days before your jet journey such that your body clock is less disturbed.

2. Eat nutritious food: Eat well balanced diet before you travel. Reduce or avoid alcoholic drinks and caffeine altogether. A good nutritious diet will help your body maintain optimum health, the cells of your body functioning properly and your energy levels high.

3. Stay hydrated: The best remedy to the dryness in the environment during flight is to have atleast a glassful of water every hour. You must keep yourself better hydrated than you would on the ground. You can carry your own bottle of water and ask for a refill once its empty, that way you will avoid annoying the flight staff asking for water again and again.

4. Stay comfortable: The most common way to avoid jet lag is to make yourself comfortable on the flight. Wear slip-ons which you can easily remove on flight. Push your seat back and just stay rested.

5. Try and sleep on the flight: Carry blindfolds with you on your flight. Just wear them and try to doze off and if you cant then just close your eyes and try to rest. Some people are more comfortable wearing sunglasses on the flight.

6. Carry ear plugs: The main idea behind the blindfold and the ear plugs is to make bring yourself as close to the sleeping environment as you can. Some people can sleep well only in a dark room without any noise. The ear plugs and blindfolds will help you do just that.

7. Freshen up: If you are to stop at a place in between your flights, then you must freshen up yourself while you have the chance. Wash your face and hair and brush your teeth. This will help your body feel refreshed and your circulation will also be enhanced.

8. Avoid alcoholic drinks: Reserch and studies have proved that the effect of alcoholic drinks is stronger when you are airborne. Many people take alcoholic drink on a flight. Simply put, one whiskey drink is three times more strong and potent in the air as it is on ground. It is extremely good for health to avoid alcohol on flight.

9. Take care of your back: Sitting for long hours on a flight may cause some back pain or cramps. If you have an existing back problem then it is advisable to carry one of those twelve hour heat pads. They will help you keep your back rested and calm.

10 Herbal Remedy for jet lag
– Take two herbal ginger capsules with some water before boarding the flight.
– Lettuce and hops herbal supplements are really helpful in helping you rest and sleep.
– Siberian ginseng helps nullify the symptoms of jet lag and results in improved stamina, aiding the body to cope with the tiredness brought on by jet traveling.