The Killer Reason for an Allergic Flare Up

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My sister-in-Law wakes up sneezing most of the days. For a few hours thereafter I find her with runny nose and cold-like looks which vanish in to a vibrant smile by 10 a.m. There are many of us like that. I get annoying rashes on cold days until I end up sleeping with a bottle of calamine lotion near my pillow. If my rashes thanked the dry cold winds my sister-in-law sneezed to the dry, dusty indoors.

Your body reacts in particular ways when it comes in to contact with foreign bodies or particles (allergens). And it tries to dispose off these ill-causing  particles. An allergy is your body’s response, but in an exaggerated way. It is an overreaction.

Allergies are common. They are harmless. Nobody knows why they are there. But, it is a leading chronic and non-curable disease.

Common Triggers Identified

Seasonal allergies are notorious.

People show allergy mostly to pollen, dust, mites, mold, weather, animal dander, insect stings, latex, and certain food (nuts, gluten, fish, egg, even certain supplements) and medications.

My twenty year old cousin goes to bed at night only after taking an antihistamine. She has dermatographic urticaria. It is something that is very commonly seen in young adults of her age group by which they are exposed to a lot of stress. Definitely, this disease is amusing to her little nephew as whatever picture he draws on his aunt’s skin appears pretty and clear. Just that he can’t erase it. Yes, in dermatographia the skin becomes red and inflamed when rubbed, scratched or slapped. When I spoke to my GP about skin allergies and triggers, she told me sometimes we can’t find a reason why we have an allergic rash or urticaria. All we can do is apply a calamine lotion and take an antihistamine.

Now coming to the Killer Reason which I have referred to in the title. STRESS! Studies point out that stress can trigger and intensify an allergic response. This article in WebMD claims that daily stress is the villain in aggravating allergies. Unhappiness, sorrow or any kind of depressive feeling can affect your body’s immunity. No wonder how a hectic and tiring day can give you more rashes and increased number of sneezes. It is not allergies alone, stress can aggravate any existing medical conditions. Hence, relieving tensions and anxieties would help in the management of chronic conditions including allergies.

Preventive Measures for Allergies

  1. Perk up the immunity. In order to boost your immunity you need to get adequate amounts of Vitamin C [gooseberry, berries, citrus fruits], Vitamin E [almonds, walnuts], lycopene [tomatoes] zinc [oysters, lean beef, shrimp, crab, legumes, whole grains, and tofu] and Omega 3 [flax, olive oil, salmon]. All seasonal fruits and vegetables help in the process. Taking garlic, turmeric and ginger is beneficial. So is green tea, pineapple and sunflower seeds.
  2. Identify the allergen and keep away from it
  3. Find relief from stress. Acute stress is inevitable. It hurts when it matures in to a chronic stage where you fail to handle it. Stress relievers like yoga, meditation, exercises, music therapy, laughing therapy etc. are a great help.

Stress does not cause allergies. Nor relieving stress treat allergies. Experts point out that taming stress indeed tames your immunity and reduces the incidence of allergies.

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