What You Ought to Know About Depression

Anxiety attacks have become a common scenario. The fear of failure and the pressure to succeed is why most people get bouts of depression.

Feeling depressed is the worse feelings that one can ever live with. Waging internal battles everyday can be killing. However, research shows that genetic factors also contribute to a part of why someone gets depressed. Scientists believe as much as 40-50% of those with depression can trace the cause to a combination of genes in their DNA. Furthermore. it is also seen that depression affects everyone differently. Each person’s reaction to negative circumstances varies, the way they handle it differs and the manner in which each person fights it out is also different. The ability to accept that you have been hit by depression helps in a big way to come out of it.

The biggest help you can offer someone who is suffering from depression is to just be there for them and listen patiently without being judgmental. Don’t make depression a mental stigma. Talk about it and help yourself and anyone around you suffering from it.
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