Did you know lack of sleep can affect your brain size?

A study by an author from University of Oxford mentions about how sleeplessness can decrease brain’s volume.

Time and again it has been experienced by many people that having a sleepless night affect one’s ability to work effectively. Lack of sleep was found to deteriorate those areas of the brain that deal with memory, decision making and emotional behavior. In his study the various parameters he considered included sleep quality, the length of the sleep and whether the subjects have been taking any medication to fall asleep. Out of 147 subjects in his study between the ages of 20 and 84 yrs almost one-third of them were found to have problems with their sleeping patterns. Waking up too frequently at night or waking up too early in the morning, finding it difficult to fall asleep in the daily routine are signs of a poor sleep quality. Good sleep is necessary as it helps the brain to be restored so that it can function normally the next day.

For details on the study linking sleeplessness with brain volume read thenewsreports.

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