Learning Ayurveda: 6 Types of Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda identifies the cause of disease taking into consideration food habits, environmental factors, emotional issues, etc., and only then prescribes treatment. Ayurvedic treatment falls into these 6 broad categories:

#1 Shodhana – Purification of the body both internally and externally.

#2 Shamana – Palliative care to balance the doshas

#3 Pathya Vyavastha – diet and exercise with focus on healthy food habits and improving digestion.

#4 Nidan Parivarjan – avoiding factors that cause and aggravate disease.

#5 Satvavajaya – Psychotherapy to treat mental health issues and enhance emotional wellbeing.

#6 Rasayana – boosting immunity and rejuvenation for more vitality and vigour.

The focus of ayurvedic treatment is on improving the quality of life of a person by encouraging healthy diet according to dosha and physical activities to help with digestion and metabolism.  Ayurveda perceives the human body as a product of the food it takes in so almost all treatment procedures involve diet adjustments.


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