In Ayurveda, the Triguna denote the 3 essential components of the human mind and a perfect balance of these 3 ‘gunas’ will result in a perfect equilibrium of the mind.

Rajas is the most active as its traits are motion and stimulation.  Tamas is the negative ‘guna’ with its resistance and lethargy.  Sattva is the most salubrious and is the doorway to knowledge.

Each of these components has numerous sub-types:

Learning Ayurveda table 1

Learning Ayurveda table 2

Learning Ayurveda table 3


Source:  The Principles of Ayurveda – The Trigunas

All human beings will have a mix of all 3 ‘gunas’ but the ‘guna’ that is the most predominant will determine the person’s psychological disposition.

Let us know in the comments which ‘guna’ is predominant in you.