Who and what we are, is always more important than how we look. But discoloured
patches on the face and body can do a lot of damage to our self esteem.
Leucoderma symptoms or those of vitiligo, include whitish patches on the skin due to loss
of colour caused by the damage to melanocytes which are cells responsible for our skin

In leucoderma the white patches are more closely bound compared to vitiligo where the
patches are scattered. Leucoderma usually spreads from small patches to large areas.
There are some differences between vitiligo and leucoderma symptoms:

  • Whereas leucoderma patches can occur after a cut, burn or a chemical reaction of
    the skin, vitiligo is an auto immune disorder wherein the body’s immunity attacks
  •  Only 10 to 20% of vitiligo cases are due to hereditary factors.
  •  Vitiligo is a specific type of leucoderma

Ayurveda on Leucoderma

Ayurveda offers in-depth information about leucoderma and vitiligo. According to it, vitiligo
develops due to the following:

  • Viruddh Aahar or mutually contradictory food and drinks in liquid form which are
    unctuous or oily (that make you sluggish) and heavy (that interfere with your
  •  Supression of natural urges.
  • Performing physical exercise in the heat especially after a heavy meal.
  •  Chronic stress or sudden trauma

Nirogam Vitiligo Kit

Root Cause

Melanin in our skin comes from Tyrosin which is an amino acid. Tyrosin originates from the
action of the copper rich enzyme called Tyronaise. This enzyme is present in melanocytes
which are located in the bottom layer of the skin and which transfer their pigments to cells which keratinize or harden and water-proof our skin. When vitiligo arises these pigments
are shed alongwith dead cells of the skin during exfoliation.

Leucoderma Ayurvedic treatment focuses on treating the root cause of vitiligo. Ayurveda
recommends herbal potions that treat the source of the ailment giving long lasting results
and preventing relapse. The focus is on strengthening the immune system and stimulating

Leucoderma treatment with Diet

A healthy diet is extremely important to treat leucoderma. Here’s a list of some of the things
you should regularly eat for leucoderma treatment.

  • Nuts
  •  Whole grains
  •  Spinach
  •  Various coloured vegetables
  •  Garlic

What to avoid while on Leucoderma treatment

There are some foods that you should absolutely avoid to make sure that you do not
aggravate or cause leucoderma. These include:

  •  Cereals
  •  Pearled barley
  •  Bottled food and drink
  •  Canned foods
  •  Sugar
  •  Foods made of white refined flour

Reduce Stress for Leucoderma treatment

Stress can trigger leucoderma. Though it may not always be possible to avoid mental
stress, there are ways and means to manage it so that it doesn’t get out of hand and cause
illnesses. Various stress relieving techniques like meditation, exercise, yoga, favourite
hobbies are ways to dilute stress and prevent it from causing harm to your body.

Leucoderma Ayurvedic Treatment

There are some extremely potent formulations in Ayurveda which treat Leucoderma and
Vitiligo effectively. These are:

  •  Manjishta Powder
  •  Bakuchi capsules
  •  Bedag Lep

If you need some convincing, let me give you some details on how specifically Bakuchi
works to treat Leucoderma and Vitiligo.

This is what Bakuchi Does:

  • Helps skin rejuvenate by working on the liver and removing toxins from the body.
  •  Helps indigestion and improves aama.
  •  Gives effective results when applied locally on areas affected by leucoderma.
  •  Is an irritant and removes the upper layers of the skin.
  •  Shrinks white patches, which are gradually covered by the darker skin.
  •  Focuses on melanoblastic cells and stimulates them.
  •  Has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-oxidant properties.

The good news is that Nirogam has come up with an easy-to- follow special combo kit for
Vitiligo which contains all of the 3 above mentioned formulations.

Nirogam Vitiligo Kit

Nirogam’s Vitiligo Combo will help you:

  •  Shrink white patches
  •  Rejuvenate the skin
  •  Promote growth of melanoblasts that cover white patches


Manjishta powder – 5 gm mixed with warm water, on an empty stomach in the morning.
Bakuchi – 1 capsule twice a day before food.
Bedag lep – to be applied On the affected area.

Together with internal medicines like Panchakarma therapies, this Vitiligo Combo can give
you excellent results. Virechana and Raktamokshana or Leech therapy are the most
effective in this regard.

In the meanwhile those 4 golden rules of life apply to all of us – think before you eat, act,
speak or decide. That’s sure to keep you healthy and at peace for the rest of your days.