Have you read about lifestyle diseases?

Lifestyle is the way we choose to live. Other than our way of eating, dressing and daily routine it also encompasses our values and world view. In all, it is voluntary. And lifestyle diseases are voluntary too. Well, when I say that, I significantly mean that they are preventable as they are influenced by the way we live and can be controlled or delayed by changing our inappropriate relationship with the environment. Lifestyle diseases are mostly a contribution of the industrialized civilization.

The so-called lifestyle diseases include atherosclerosis, heart diseases, stroke, type 2 diabetes, obesity, hypertension, certain types of cancer, Alzheimer’s and diseases associated with smoking, alcohol and drug abuse.

It is a paradox that Lifestyle diseases began and started to climb up once human life began to see improvisations and as people began to live long. It indeed sounds funny but is too scary to laugh at. We understand that good health can be achieved through a medically recommended diet, regular physical activity and self-restraint from smoking, alcohol consumption and drug abuse. But how an unhealthy lifestyle can pave way to diseases is still to be understood by medical science.

Health experts say that to an extent even cancer and Alzheimer’s can be prevented by avoiding a western type diet but a healthy one with lots of fruits and vegetables.  High blood pressure, cholesterol and smoking are the main factors leading to coronary artery disease. And these factors in turn can be controlled through a proper and careful diet.

Improper and callous diet is a trend of our present generation, next to lack of physical activity.  We hardly eat nutritious food. Our diet is rich in fat, sugar contents and preservatives. Industrialization and technological innovations have given rise to improved farming methods and food processing techniques. Foods processed and packed thus may lack in desired nutrition levels. Transportation facilities, commercial environment, busy lifestyle all take its toll.

So, go ahead and change your lifestyle for a long and healthy life.

-Aparna K V
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