I still feel guilty about last Friday.

I am normally a “no empty calories” person who loves Indian food and prefers water to soft drinks. Yet, I gave into my niece’s wish to eat pizza after an exhausting summer day. That evening, I filled my stomach with white flour, fat, preservatives and MSG and bulked it with bottles of mineral water. I postponed all plans to rearrange my cupboard that evening for an uninterrupted slumber.

What is Junk Food?

Junk Food Is That Guy Next Door.
If you treat Junk Food as a guy, he is famous, much loved and very easily found. Both boys and girls flock to him alike. He appears dressed in all tempting colours at every other corner of the road. He is a Pied Piper to children and a magician to their parents. Once you hit a Pizza House or a Burger Palace it is your kid who guides you at the table, makes his orders and waits patiently for his tray. You just have to settle the bill.

How Many Times do You Eat Junk Food in a Week?

I don’t dare ask ‘a day’!
Our Junk Food Guy has a problem. Zero nutrition.
Eating ‘junk’ can make you fatigued, lazy and lethargic, proves trials. It zaps your energy levels, dehydrates you, drains off nutrients and adds on fat. The more you eat of it the more sedentary and less motivated you become. And the vicious cycle continues.
And, how does that happen?

How Does Junk Food Affect You?

For a starter, Junk Food makes you grumpy!

Fast food is full of fat, sodium and sugar.
High fat diet leads to fat accumulation in the body. Calories and calories mean weight gain and the sodium also causes unpleasant water retention in the body. It is learnt by Scientists that with a brain already 60% of which is made of fats, is harmed by a long term high fat diet. This leads to impaired cognitive functions and poor performance.
Eating too much sugar causes increased insulin production in the body. And obvious happens! The blood sugar levels spike up. Your metabolism is stressed out. The other aspect of Junk Food is its low protein and carb content. The lack of these two in the diet drains your energy levels causing fatigue and a feeling of lethargy and dullness.
If mood swings, depression and other problems creep in, it’s time to check your diet.
Let me close in on this remembering the amusing idea of a good friend who ate sausages for dinner and “balanced it with” a salad of lettuce, carrots and zucchini to neutralize the ill effects of sausages…
Are you still reading this? Relate your fatigue with the number of times do you eat Junk Food a week.