There are many reasons why constipation can occur in adults, they area from simply not eating a healthy diet that includes fiber to other more steady underlying medical problems. Wherefore it is important that if you suffer from severe constipation for any length of time or it is a recurring event you should talk with your doctor. Of course if it proves to your diet that is causing your problems and not a serious underlying problem then changing your ways is the most effective remedy for your constipation.
If constipation occurs every now and again which is the most probably case then you could turn to an herbal remedy for relief. Along with an herbal remedy you should again increase the amount of fiber you are eating in your diet as this is essential for a healthy digestive system.
Fruit, vegetables and whole grains are all excellent sources of fiber. For occasional bouts of constipation bulk agents are recommended, they are the gentlest form of laxative and recommended especially if you have irritated or sensitive bowels. They can be used safely throughout pregnancy and while nursing and are even safe for those who have inflamed bowels.
The most popular form of bulk herbal laxative is psyllium; this gentle remedy can be purchased from most drugstores and a study conducted in 1978 showed that constipation due to irritated bowel syndrome was improved in 80 % of people.
Laxatives in the form of syrup and pills and which include senna and cascara and are still popular forms of laxatives that are found in drugstores. Both of these herbs work by irritating the tummy and so get β€˜things’ moving along. However you should only use any laxatives herbal or otherwise over the short – term period.
The immature – expression period is classed as no longer than a week, any longer and you run the risk of your body becoming totally lazy and becoming dependent on medication. Cascara is thought to be the most gentlest of the two due to it working through the nervous system and only partially irritating the intestines. It also helps to improve the tone and function of the intestine; as such many druggists support it as a tonic to the intestinal tract.
Licorice can be used effectively ensuing a laxative that allows you to reduce the amount of laxative taken while still receiving the same benefits. Licorice works by making the intestine more susceptible to the cathartic; irritant laxatives can also be used alongside herbs that relax the intestines and also help to prevent stomach cramps.
Peppermint, fennel and ginger all are excellent choices. One way to make taking a laxative easier and more pleasant is to steep a fig or date that are in fact natural laxatives in licorice tea. Be aware that any choice of laxative will have a time delay before they start to work, bulk laxatives can take as long as 24 hours before they begin to work while irritants between 6 and 12 hours.

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