Are you trying to lose weight? Knowing the number of calories in each food that you eat makes weight loss less troublesome. Let’s see how.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret Review

Stars: 4/5

It was a friend who suggested Calorie Counter by FatSecret. This is a free App. I downloaded it as I have been on a weight loss mission. In my interest to thrash my post partum weight, I have already made some practical tweaks to my diet. All I wanted was to know if I was going in the right direction. So I just started with this and thought you should know about it too.

The Calorie Counter by FatSecret is very simple to use. Anybody can use it without fuss. This is great for home makers too who may not go running or gymming every day. Even the smallest of the activity you do at home like bathing, studying, cooking or cleaning can be calculated and saved. When it comes to food, it can tell you the nutritional information easily.

Who can use Calorie Counter by FatSecret?

  1. A weight loss seeker
  2. A weight gain seeker
  3. Somebody who wants to maintain his or her weight
  4. Just about anybody. It can be used by someone who doesn’t do any major exercise other than their daily routine.
  5. Someone who wants to get the quick nutritional information (Calories, proteins, fat, carbs etc.) about their daily food items

Bonus: It can tell you the nutritional information about the famous restaurant foods too.

The Functionality

  • The moment you open the App, it asks you to create an account. Do it!
  • You need to enter your age, height, weight and activity levels. You need to enter your goal weight and the App would ask you how fast you want to reach your goal.
  • You get your Recommended Daily Intake calculated. Your RDI helps you with your daily calorie target to achieve your goal weight. This is very important while gaining or losing weight.

The Key Features of Calorie Counter by FatSecret

There are three useful areas namely The Food Diary, The Exercise Diary and a combined view of both in the Diet Calender.

  1. The Food Diary – In the older days, weight loss tracking was done through diaries. In the new generation, it can be done through Apps and digital diaries.

The Food Dairy is where you log in all your daily foods. It helps you plan the future and save the present day’s diet. There are four categories which you can save your foods in: Break Fast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. This dairy calculates whatever you add and tells you how many calories are remaining for the day.  This is pretty cool because you can even check what’s in there in a particular food even before you eat it. I do that occasionally. For example, a piece of chocolate cheesecake gives you 498 calories and takes up 20% of the days RDI. Oops! So if you ate one of those you might want to rethink eating a chocolate on the same day.

woman on weight scale

  1. The Exercise Diary – I would just take a star off from the 5 starts for this one area. This confused me a lot. I had to juggle with it for some time until I finally figured it out.

The Exercise Diary is obviously where you track your activities and the calories burnt with each activity. It has two preset activities (Sleep and Rest) and 24 hours divided between them. You have to add whatever activities you engage in a day from the drop down list. These get subtracted from the preset Sleep or Rest hours. All of these activities add up to make your 24 hour day.

How to crack the Exercise Diary: The Rest hours are preset for 14 hours and the Sleep hours for 10 hours. (I don’t remember the exact figures now.) Say, you cook for 2 hours daily. You subtract that from your Rest making it 12 hours. You went walking for an hour. You add it to the Exercise Diary subtracting that from your 10 hours of sleep.  Thus you make you 24 hour day with your activities.

  1. The Diet Calender – This would tell you your RDI, the number of calories you ate and what you burnt every day at a quick glance.

This is not all. There are a few more features in Calorie Counter by FatSecret. I don’t want to give away everything in a post. I leave that to you to explore yourself.

What more can you ask for from a FREE App? This App is a great tool you can carry in your pockets.

Good luck!