Do you suffer from hangovers after having a few drinks the previous night?  Avoid excessive intake of alcohol to avoid hangovers and you can also try some preventive measures even before you take your first swig!

Preventive Measures to Avoid Hangovers

  1. Eat a spoonful of peanut butter.
  2. Munch a few almonds to reduce the toxicity.
  3. Try to eat some food before you start drinking.
  4. Try to take non-carbonated mixers to reduce alcohol absorption.
  5. Prefer beer or vodka over the others.
  6. You can’t afford variety with alcohol. Stick with the same type of drink.
  7. Some people drink milk before drinking alcohol to prevent hangovers.
  8. Know your capacity and limits before the “cheers”.
  9. The other sensible thing to do is to use equal amount of water and ice with your booze to keep your drink going until the party is over.
  10. Keep drinking water and other electrolyte drinks along with your drink to keep yourself hydrated. Sports drinks are a good choice.

If you failed to read this article before getting drunk here are some remedies to try the morning after. An upset stomach, diarrhoea, cracking joints and fatigue may get the better of you on the next morning. There is a build-up of toxins in your body (acetaldehyde and free radicals) as the liver struggles to metabolise large amounts of alcohol. You are dehydrated and are sick. Spending more time in bed is not going to help at all.

  • After your heavy booze, hit the bed.
  • No, don’t reach for pain killers! They are the worst to try out if you have a hangover!
  • Get up and and take a shower. Switching between cold and hot water can help.
  • Get moving! You  may feel tired but some physical activity should sweat you out.
  • Drink some fresh juices instead of caffeinated drinks. Go for orange juice. You need Vitamin C. Do not take a lot of vitamin c drinks if you have a stomach upset.
  • Eat an apple or a banana.
  • Even better, get a banana milk shake with honey. Milk can replenish you while banana can soothe your stomach.
  • Get yourself a tomato juice. Tomatoes contain fructose that speeds up the metabolism of alcohol.
  • Eat a rich food loaded with minerals.
  • For upset stomach, take ginger tea or chew some ginger.
  • No harm in enjoying a chicken soup.
  • Eat breads and fatty foods.
  • On loss of appetite get a chamomile tea.

There are a number of studies which claim that moderate drinking can have some health benefits. Yet, in no time, moderate drinking can turn in to heavy drinking and can have chaotic results on your health.  So, try to avoid alcohol as much as possible as this is the easiest way to avoid having a hangover!

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