A simple blood pressure reading can tell how forceful the blood is on the vessel wall when the heart beats. Low blood pressure is also referred to as hypertension. When a person suffers from low blood pressure then the reading is below normal which implies that the blood force is too little on the walls of the vessels. Low blood pressure causes decreased blood flow in the important body organs such as the brain or the heart. Low blood pressure leads to dizziness, wooziness, passing out for brief moments and a feeling of lightheadedness.

There are several reasons leading to low blood pressure in a person. Certain medicines causes side effects one of them could be hypertension. In many people the key cause of low blood pressure is extreme dehydration. Some people have may blood pressure tendencies and mild causes can lead to low blood pressure in them.

Some people may feel low blood pressure or dizziness when suddenly standing up after lying or sitting for sometime. This kind of low blood pressure is also known as orthostatic hypotension. It is caused when excess of blood is collected in the veins of the bottom part of the human body too fast for the vessels to adjust to this change. The question is why does the blood collects so fast in the blood vessels… it is because of the gravitational pull. Hypotension may also happen after someone eats a heavy meal. These causes of low blood pressure are more commonly known to affect the elderly. It is a normal change that occurs with aging.

Several heart ailments like congestive culinary failure, heart attack as well as cardiac arrhythmia can give rise to hypotension. Serious loss of blood or dehydration caused due to puking, serious sweating and excess urination, diarrhea can also lead to low blood pressure.

Ailments that can harm nerve ends, like diabetes and medulla spinalis injuries, can seriously affect how the body regularizes blood vessel breadth causing low blood pressure.

How to avoid low blood pressure?

1. Keep drinking lots and lots of water and other fluids to maintain proper blood volume and avoid any chances of dehydration. Excessive sweating causes the body to lose the water content in the body. Moreover, such conditions tend to cause a rise in the body temperature. When such a change happens the blood vessels react by enlarging itself. This leads to a decline in the blood pressure.

2. If you are already suffering from serious vomiting or lose motions or diarrhea then make sure you drink lots and lots of water or simple lime juice to maintain the hydration of your body.

3. If you have a tendency of low blood pressure than you must avoid steam baths and hot showers which can lead to a rise in the body temperature.
4. If you have been lying or sitting for a long time than take your time in standing up. Do not make any abrupt movements.

5. Lack of rest also causes low blood pressure. So make sure you get plenty of sleep.

6. Eat small portions of food more times in a day instead of eating heavy meals in a single instant.

7. Avoid alcohol. Or even if you have to drink maintain moderation.

8. Try not to stand for long durations.

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