Low carb drinks recipes for good health on your mind? Then you must be keenly searching for some delicious low carb drinks. In this article we will talk about some freshening low carb drinks recipes that are good in taste and healthy for the body.

People are now realizing the significance of salubrious drinking and eating habits. The side effects of fast food and processed drinks and the need for nutritious substitutes are constantly growing in everyone. Many people are drawn towards junk foods and carbonated drinks because of the easy availability and good taste, however, there are some who know that health is more important than mere taste. The processed drinks manufacturers are trying to attract the consumers by flooding the stores with zero calories or low fat versions of the cola drinks, however, they lack the nutrition. You can simply make some delicious healthy with low carb drinks recipes in the comfort of your home. Try the following low carb drinks recipes and find your favorite ones.

1. Coconut water:
Coconut water is one of the best ways to quench your thirst and promote good health.

2. Herbal Teas:
The best way to start your day is by having a hot cup of herbal tea. There are many herbal teas available in the market such as green tea, mint tea, lemon tea and much more. Just choose the one that you like and stick to it every day. The teas are usually made with dried herbs which have several health benefits depending on the herb you choose. For example green tea has antioxidants in it and chamomile tea helps with stress relief.
For taste you can add half teaspoon of honey and little lemon in your herbal tea.

3. Low carb drinks recipes for tea and coffee:
Many of us are used to having one or more cups of tea or coffee every day. We can make our everyday cup of tea or coffee more health by making few simple chances. Instead of milk use soy-milk in your tea or coffee to reduce the amount of carbs in it. You can also try the following recipe for a low carb drinks recipes  of Irish Café latte:

Half cup soy milk
2 tsp instant coffee powder
¼ tsp of Chocolate Liqueur
2 tbsp chocolate syrup (sugar free)
1 tbsp of healthier substitute of sugar
Chill the soymilk.
Mix all the above ingredients.
Use a blender to get a smooth liquid.
Pour and drink and enjoy good health.

4. Low Carb drinks recipes for smoothies or mocktails:

You can make your own delicious low carb mocktails or smoothies by using fresh fruits and eliminating sugar and processed drinks. You can make your drink more interesting by adding herbs or spices like ginger, lemon, lemongrass, mint, cinnamon or a dash of peppermint. You can use certain fruits for your low carb drink such as berries, pears, papaya, guava, plums, apples, muskmelon or even grapefruit. You can try couple of low carb drinks recipes to make your mocktail.

Low carb drinks recipes for strawberry mint breeze

Two cups of fresh Strawberries
¾ cup of fresh lemon juice
A healthy sugar substitute – as per your taste
2 leaves of fresh mint
½ tsp common salt
2 cups chilled water
Add chopped strawberries, mint leaves, lemon juice, salt and sugar substitute in blender, mix till smooth.
Add chilled water and blend once more
Strain, pour and drink to good health.

Low carb drinks recipes are proven to good for our health. As an added benefit, it would also be fun to try different low carb drinks recipes from time to time.