People all around you are catching the flu and colds as it is being passed around workplaces, houses as well as schools and colleges all over. You must be thinking how to stay flu free when it is everywhere? Have you even thought that stress management can also aid you stay protected from colds and flu. Everyday stress adversely affects the immune system as well as your wellness. If you think that you have been falling sick quite often then you should closely check with your stress levels.

There are two ways in which stress affects your everyday wellness:

Makes the immune system weak: Severe stress levels can increase your cortisol levels and adversely affect your immunity power thus making you more prone to cold and the flu. A weak immune system also invites more severe problems such as heart ailments, diabetes as well as other serious diseases.

Unhealthy choices and decision: While you are stressed out, health always declines as you fail to make healthy lifestyle decisions. Your sleep levels fall, one tends to exercise less often as well as eat unhealthy food. This kind of lifestyle always makes one prone to colds and flu.

How to manage stress in order to stay fit:

In order to stay fit you have to manage your stress levels. To decrease your odds of falling sick you must follow the following steps. The following steps will help you manage stress better as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Follow simple stress management tips: Certain techniques such as yoga, laughter therapy or even writing in your diary have been known to increase immunity power by reducing stress. By following any of the stress management technique you can keep yourself from falling prey to chronic stress as well as improve your health. The change may not come in one day, but regular practice of the technique will help in the long run.

Take better care of your body: This is very essential. Eat a healthy and balanced diet, get sufficient sleep and you also much exercise of daily basis to keep your body healthy. Taking care of your health will keep your body in functioning in proper order as well as increase your body’s ability to resist the cold and flu bug’s attack. And just in case you do fall sick your body will be able to cope with the illness better and recover at a faster pace.

Maintain a good social circle: Social circle does improve immunity as well as help you in managing stress levels in daily life. By keeping several people who are friendly and caring in your social circle around you you will have people to share your happiness and problems with. This has a largely positive effect your health, emotional as well as physical.

Stay Organized: Keep your surroundings clean and tidy. Learn to say no to things that are not important to you. Try and maintain a balance between all things in your life. Do not push yourself too far trying to achieve anything and you will have lower levels of stress. Your health will improve and stay improved for long time.

Avoid People Who Are Sick: If anyone in your house or at workplace is ill then try and stay at a short distance from them. This does not mean that they are to be ignored just maintain a physical distance from them. Keep your house germ free by spraying disinfectant on door knobs, light boards, phones or other things that are commonly is used by all members. Also remember to wash your hands more often.

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