Manuka Oil is helpful in curing many ailments. We discussed some of the benefits of Manuka Oil in the previous post .  Here are some more benefits of this wonder oil:

Gets rid of Body Odour as well as Foot Odour
Manuka Oil is known to be helpful in treating bad body odour as well as foot odour. To cure body odour, simply add three to four drops of this oil to your body wash. You can also add ten drops of Manuka Oil in your bath to get rid of stronger body smell. To treat foot odour, wash your feet twice a day with Manuka Oil herbal soap. If you cannot find manuka oil soap then soak your feet in lukewarm water with five to seven drops of Manuka Oil to get rid of bad foot odour. You can also apply mild manuka oil on your feet properly, including the space between the toes, to get rid of the bad smell and cure any fungal infection that may be causing the foot odour.

Cures Lice and Dandruff problem
Manuka Oil is helpful in curing scalp problems like dandruff, fleas, and lice as well as itching scalp. A helpful home remedy to cure scalp problems is to just add two to three drops of Manuka Oil in your shampoo and conditioner and wash your hair the way you normally do or you can use a shampoo with Manuka extracts in it. You can also add two drops of Manuka Oil and dilute it in about one tablespoon of coconut hair oil and massage it on to your scalp. Wash your hair after twenty minutes of massaging with coconut oil and manuka oil.

Treats Nasal Blockage and Respiratory problems
A recent research indicated that inhaling Manuka oil vapours is extremely helpful in treating many respiratory problems like cough, nasal congestion, cold, asthma, flu as well as bronchitis. Boil water in a pot with a wide mouth and add some Manuka leaves to it, let the vapours build up and inhale the same. You can also add one teaspoon of Manuka Oil in the hot water instead of Manuka leaves. Cover your head with a towel to inhale maximum vapours. Be very careful with the hot water, especially if you are going the steam to a child.

Cures Skin Problems 
A study has indicated that Manuka Oil has antimicrobial properties, which act against many micro organisms. Hence, Manuka Oil is greatly beneficial in treating many skin problems like acne, pimples, itchiness, chafing, psoriasis, cuts, sunburn, boils, bed sores, canker sores, blemishes, skin rash, small cuts, eczema, ring worm, abrasions as well as insect bites. The best remedy to treat any of the above problems is to apply mild Manuka oil directly on the affected skin twice a day. You can also add one or two drops of Manuka Oil to your moisturiser and face wash to treat acne. Crush two tablespoon of Manuka leaves and make a poultice, apply this poultice on the affected area to draw out pus from boils and also to cure sores. Manuka oil is also helpful in reducing infection due to insect bites. You can dilute Manuka oil in almond oil to make it mild.

Cures Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
Having Manuka tea twice a day is helpful in curing bladder infection and Urinary Tract Infection.