Thought, I should post more tips for you this winter season :

a) Rasnadi Choornam – You can get this easily from any Indian Grocery Shop.  After every wash of your hair, take a pinch of this powder and massage it on the crown of your head. It should prevent rhinitis, cold. You can even sniff some of this powder (it will prevent irritation and inflammation of the inner linings of your nose).

b) Somehow if you have already contracted a cough/cold, try taking Thaleesa Patram Choornam, or Sitopladi Choornam with a teaspoon of Honey twice a day – this is also available from any Ayurvedic shop or Indian grocer in India or USA.

c) Make your own herbal decoction : Boil 4 glasses of water, with handful of Holy Basil (Tulsi), and 1 teaspoon of crushed black pepper-corns. Add some Ginger juliennes and a pinch of Turmeric to it. Boil till the quantity is halved. Strain, and drink it with 2 teaspoons of Honey (Please do not add Honey while it is boiling, Honey shouldn’t be boiled).

d) Take steam inhalation with tulsi leaves or with Eucalyptus oil in water to relieve sinuses/congestion.

Merry X’mas !