A lot of people wants to know some herbal remedies for ringworm because it is an embarrassing and pretty common skin ailment caused by fungus. It is not deadly or potentially dangerous; however, it can be extremely annoying. People who are already suffering from diseases like AIDS or diabetes have a weak immunity and are more prone to getting ringworm. Also, if the location of your dwelling is damp, humid, and unhygienic and extremely crowded the risk of getting ringworm is increased. There are many natural and herbal remedies for ringworm infection and it does take a week or more to cure ringworm completely. Just in case the symptoms are not decreasing and the condition is accompanied by fever, pain or inflammation then you must see a doctor.

There are many simple natural and herbal remedies for ringworm to get rid of it completely. Some of these herbal remedies for ringworm are:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar:
Take a cotton washcloth or even a paper towel and dip it in apple cider vinegar. Wrap the same around the affected area and leave for fifteen to twenty minutes three to four times in a day.

2. Raw papaya:
Raw papayas are extremely beneficial as herbal remedies for ringworm. Take some fresh slices of raw papaya and rub it on the affected area. You can also make a paste by drying papaya seeds and applying the same of the affected area.

3. Mustard Seeds:
Mustard seeds are also good herbal remedies for ringworm. Wash the ringworm patch with hot or lukewarm water first. Make a thick paste of mustard seeds and apply a thick layer on your skin.

4. Butea Seeds:
Butea seeds are useful in curing Ringwood. Make a thick paste of butea seeds with very little lime or lemon juice. Apply the same on the ringworm patch many times during the day and leave it for ten or more min.

5. Cassia leaves:
Cassia is a tropical shrub bearing yellow flowers and large leaves. The juice of cassia leaves are used as herbal remedies for ringworm and other poisonous bites. You can also make a paste by crusing the leaves and applying it on the affected area.

6. Basil:
The essential oils extracted from basil leaves are used topically as herbal remedies for ringworm and to cure skin disorders in humans as well as in pets. One of the most common uses of holy basil is as a cure for ringworm. Simply extract the juice of basil leaves and apply on the patches.

7. Garlic:
Garlic has been used as herbal remedies for ringworm and to cure many other infections as well. It is an antiseptic in nature because of which it is an excellent ringworm cure. Use freshly chopped/grated garlic directly on the affected area. Bind the garlic to your skin with the help of a plastic wrap. Some people experience burning sensation but it is extremely beneficial. If possible leave this wrap on for the whole night.

8. Essential Oil
There are many essential oil with curative powers and can be herbal remedies for ringworm. Some of them are lavender oil, peppermint oil, geranium oil, myrrh oil and tea tree oil. If you are using any of the oil on children the best essential oil as herbal remedies for ringworm are tea tree oil or lavender oil. Do not use peppermint oil on kid’s skin as it is slightly strong. For babies younger than one year mix two drops of lavender oil in one teaspoon of jojoba oil and massage it very gently on the affected area.