Heartburn is not quite common, but the few who experience it are always trying their best to seek out natural remedies to cure it. First of all you need to know the frequency and seriousness of your heartburn. So do not hesitate is asking loads and loads of questions from your medical specialist. Frequent heartburn may occur due to serious conditions such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Most doctors prescribe medications for heartburn but along with the medication you must make some changes in your lifestyle as well. The following lifestyle changes and home remedies will help you in easing the symptoms causing and related to heartburn.

1. Maintain a diary and note down all the do’s and don’t that your doctor has advised as well as the ones you read in this article. Also maintain a record of what you are having and prominent things you do in your daily routine.

2. Avoid foods that trigger heartburn: There are certain foods that must be avoided by heartburn patients such as citrus fruits, chocolate, citrus juice, peppermint, too much of alcohol particularly red wine, tomatoes and products that use tomatoes as base, caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee and carbonated drinks such as sodas or colas.

3. Smaller portions, frequent meals: large and heavy meals blows up the tummy thus increasing upwardly force against the esophageal sphincter. Hence smaller meals and shorter intervals are advised.

4. Maintain gap after eating and before sleeping: You must go to bed after two to three hours of having a meal, especially dinner. The gravitational pull aids the juices in the tummy from backing off into the passage between the pharynx and the stomach and aids the flow of digestive fluid and solid food from the tummy to the intestines. Even for people not suffering from heartburn are advised to eat couple of hours before going to bed.

5. Quit Smoking: Nicotine in cigarettes slows down the esophageal sphincter muscle. Cigarette smoking also aids the production of acid in the stomach.

6. De-stress: Stress need not be related directly to heartburn, however, it causes the symptoms that may lead to heartburn.

7. Sleep in a position that elevates your head: Nighttime heartburn may be triggered due to your sleeping position. If you lie down straight position than the stomach’s juices and food is pressed against the lower esophageal sphincter. Elevated head reduces the pressure. Use an extra pillow to raise your head while you sleep.

8. Bananas: Fresh as well as dried bananas act as antiacid and is beneficial for patients of heartburn.

9. Turmeric: Yes it stains but it also enhances digestion and prevents build up of acid. If you are not familiar in using turmeric in cooking then you can also have turmeric herbal capsules before meals.

10. Chamomile Tea: Chamomile herbal tea nullifies stomach acidity. It also helps in soothing the mind and the body.

11. Aloe Vera Juice: The sticky juice from the leaves of the aloe Vera plant is used to comfort an irritated gullet. Aloe Vera juice has been used in Europe for quite a while to ease heartburn. Do not use Aloe Vera juice directly from the plants, use only specially prepared Aloe Vera juice available as herbal medicines.

12 Apple Cider Vinegar: Many people have experienced relief in heartburn after taking apple cider vinegar. You can have it in liquid as well as capsule form.

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