For a pregnant woman nothing else matters except the tiny little life that is growing in her womb. Along with these warm feelings the pregnancy is most times accompanied by several health problems. The most sickening of all is the Morning Sickness. The nauseous feeling and vomiting in the morning is experienced by fifty to eighty percent of pregnant women. The nauseous feeling usually occurs during the early morning; however, some women experience it throughout the day. Some pregnant women also develop an aversion to specific smells or foods and makes them nauseous.

Natural Cures for Morning Sickness:

Ginger is an extremely popular remedy for curing morning sickness. It has been used for hundred of years for its medicinal properties. It is absolutely safe to have ginger in moderation during pregnancy.  Try having ginger tea two times a day to ease morning sickness.

Recipe for Ginger Tea:
1 tsp shredded ginger
1 glass water
Honey (optional)

Method: Steep the shredded ginger in hot water for five minutes. Strain and add honey for flavour. Have two cupfuls of ginger tea at least two times a day.


These diet suggestion will help you ease your morning sickness

•    Always eat small meals at frequent intervals. You must ensure that you are neither too hungry nor too full at any given time during the day.
•    Must avoid fatty foods especially fried foods.
•    If there is any particular food that makes you feel nauseated then you must avoid them.
•   Keep toast, crackers or cereal or any other bland food item ready. Many women feel less sick when they eat couple of crackers before stepping out of the bed every morning. You can try it too.
•    Drink lots and lots of fluids throughout the day, especially if you have been puking. Instead of having water or any other healthy drink along with your meal, drink more of fluids in between meals. Many women find this tip quite helpful.

Aromatherapy: Peppermint Essential Oil

The aroma of essential peppermint oil can ease a queasy tummy. The best way to use peppermint essential oil is through an aromatherapy diffuser. Let the diffuser burn through the night while you are asleep. It is quite easily available. However, if you are unable to procure one then add two drops of peppermint oil in a large bowlful of hot water. Do make sure that the bowl is in a safe place in your room with no possible chance of being knocked over. You can also put a drop of peppermint essential oil on your pillow during bedtime.

Acupressure Wrist Band

Use the acupressure band to stimulate ‘pericardium 6’ an acupuncture point known to ease nausea. This wrist band is also known as sea band. This band has a plastic knob that puts pressure on the required point. It is quite effective, and there is practically no harm possible by this band. However, if you experience any kind of irritation in your wrist then remove it immediately.

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