Alternative Medicine is a non-conventional medicine aiming to “rebalance” the functioning of the body by means of natural remedies, healthy food, healthy lifestyle, and exercises. It is not based on drugs taking only to relief one disease and cause 100’s more. Unlike the conventional medicine, in naturopathy, the patient taking an active part in the treatment, and the healing is safe and radical. Alternative medicine addresses the whole person’s mind, body, and spirit in the healing process.


The increasing interest in alternative medicine in the United State since the beginning of the 21st century by people in all social level is a tangible proof of the benefits of natural herbal remedies. Now days, more patients are combining conventional medicine and alternative treatments in their search for better health and wellness. Those users always get better result in the conventional treatments than those who rely on taking drugs only without changing their lifestyle and increasing healthy supplements intake in their diet.


In a survey published in 2001 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the researchers declare, “the number of Americans using alternative therapies rose from 60 million in 1990 to 83 million in 1997, and the number is increasing daily.” When questioned, majority of natural remedies users have the same comment: “natural remedies attack and treat the cause of the disease, not just the symptoms. They preserve and optimize the overall health of the individual. They help the body to heal itself through its natural defense, the immune system. In short, Naturopathic medicine is effective and safe.”


Natural alternative have been using from antiquity. Hippocrates, the “father of medicine”, relucted to administer medication and use a specific treatment which may do harm to the body. His motto is “above all, do no harm”. Today it’s quite the contrary. The modern motto is almost “Do more harm to the body”. Daily TV advertising can help you understand this reality. Each drug that is being promoted for one disease has at least two life threatening side effects. A good therapeutic approach is based on the healing power of nature. Which means, work with the natural defense of the body to heal itself.


Naturopathy is at the same time curative and preventive. Let us take apple cider for example. It is shown that Apple Cider Vinegar taking with or without other remedies can cure sinus infection, high cholesterol, sore throats, arthritis and more… According to numerous researches, Apple cider vinegar is proven to prevent heart disease, allergies, and help to lose weight.


Naturopathic medicine consists of seven main principals:


• 1.First do no harm to the body


• 2. Nature is healer – What you eat can prevent and even cure so called incurable diseases


• 3. Identify and treat the cause, not just the symptoms


• 4. Treat the individual’s overall problem


• 5. The therapist is an educator – the patient must participate


• 6. Prevention is the best cure


• 7. Establish the health and well-being


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