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6. Homemade Ear Drops: Mix equal portions of white vinegar, water and also peroxide. With the help of a dropper put two to three drops in each ear. Block the ears with a cotton ball to avoid the drop mixture running from the ears. These natural remedies for swimmer’s ear are extremely helpful and benefit best when applied before bedtime.

7. Warm compress: This is one of the simplest natural remedies for swimmer’s ear. You can make a warm compress when you cannot find the ingredients required for any other natural remedies for swimmer’s ear. Just heat a towel or a cloth with the help of an iron and place it over your aching ear. Repeat the process for two or three times. Make sure the compress is not very hot.

8. Avoid excessive exposure to water: If you are suffering from swimmer’s ear then you must try and keep your ears dry as much as possible, which obviously means no swimming sessions for a while. For regular swimmers this may be difficult. However, even if you have to swim try and keep your head above water as much as possible. Also use silicon or wax ear plugs to reduce the amount of water that enters your ear canal. You can also use ear plugs as natural remedies for swimmer’s ear to prevent any ear infection in the future.

9. Saline ear solution: Saline solution as one of the natural remedies for swimmer’s ear which helps rinse out the ear canals with the help of a dropper. To make a saline solution mix salt with water. This can be prepared with lukewarm water and regular table salt.

10. Lavender essential oil: Dilute two drops of lavender essential oil in half a teaspoon of any carrier oil (such as almond oil). Apply this solution around the ear to soothe the pain. Do not use this solution as a dropper, it is only meant for external use.

11. Garlic: Garlic is an exceptionally important natural healing food used by many naturists as natural remedies for swimmer’s ear and to treat many health problems. Allicin is a compound present in garlic which has many healing properties. Allicin also has antibacterial properties.

Here is how you can make your own garlic oil ear drops as natural remedies for swimmer’s ear.

Crush five garlic cloves and add them in a bottle filled with four tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Leave this bottle capped for four days. Strain the oil and store it in the refrigerator. This garlic oil will not be spoiled for six months if refrigerated properly. To use this garlic oil, take half a teaspoon of the oil and warm it just a little. Pour four drops of the same in both the ears two times a day as natural remedies for swimmer’s ear and to treat ear infections.

You can even purchase garlic oil capsules to use as natural remedies for swimmer’s ear

12. Sock and salt: This is one of the oldest natural remedies for swimmer’s ear.  Take a clean sock and fill it salt. Warm it in a microwave; make sure it is not very hot. Lay sideways with your ear down on the sock. This helps in removing any moisture from the ear.

13. Herbs as natural remedies for swimmer’s ear: If you are a regular simmer then make it a habit to include some herbs, raw or supplement, in your everyday diet. Herbs such as golden seal, cat’s claw as well as Echinacea improves the immunity of the body and helps in preventing ear infections such as swimmer’s ears.

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