Why does one need natural remedies for swimmer’s ear? First, let us discuss what this health problem is all about. Swimmer’s ear is also known as otitis externa. It is a health problem caused due to an infection or even inflammation of the ear canal. Swimmer’s ear happens when one is excessively exposed to water, that is how this disorder has been named swimmer’s ear. When the ears are completely submerged in water then the water enters the inner layers of the ear and the skin becomes wrinkled and soft if one stays under water for longer duration. Normally the bacteria or fungi present in the water enter the submerged inner layers of the ears do not cause any harmful effects so you may think that you will no longer need some natural remedies for swimmer’s ear. However, if these microorganisms were able to enter the inside layer due to a tiny tear then they can cause health problem known as swimmer’s ears. But people need not worry because there are safe natural remedies for swimmer’s ear that they can always use.

Swimmer’s ear can be experienced by men and women alike. It is more common in children or teenagers. The ears perform best when they are dry and do not have any moisture in it. Hence, swimmer’s ears are more commonly experienced by those who swim a lot and tend to spend a lot of time in water. This health condition may affect even those who do not swim a lot but they can always treat it with natural remedies for swimmer’s ear.

This is not a major health problem and can be treated effectively with simple natural remedies for swimmer’s ear. However, if you do experience lot of pain and discomfort then do not delay contacting a doctor as the infection may have spread and increased.

Some of The Natural Remedies For Swimmer’s Ear:

1.    Dry the ear: The first of the natural remedies for swimmer’s ear is cleaning and drying the ear canal. A helpful way to clean the ear and kill any microorganism is by gently rubbing I with a cloth dipped in little alcohol. Alcohol kills the germs and helps in evaporating moisture. This is a preventing measure as well as a helpful remedy. Repeat these natural remedies for swimmer’s ear every time you are done swimming.

2.    White Vinegar: A mild infection can be healed by some natural remedies for swimmer’s ear like adding couple of drops of white vinegar in the ears. Put white vinegar in the ears with the help of a dropper by lying down sideways with one ear up for five minutes, and then switch the side. You can use this natural remedy for swimmer’s ear two times in a day. The acetic acid present in white vinegar helps in killing any bacteria and fungus present inside the ear.

3.    Apple Cider Vinegar: Dilute four drops of apple cider vinegar in equal amount of water and use it like ear drop after spending time in water. This natural remedy for swimmer’s ear helps in treating the ear infection and preventing further occurrence of the same.

4.    Baby oil: Another one of the natural remedies for swimmer’s ear is the use of baby oil. Warm up a little baby oil and pour three to four drops of the same in both the ears. Check the baby oil to make sure it is not too hot before using it as a dropper. You can do this with the help of a dropper and placing a small piece of cotton ball to avoid dripping oil from the ear.

5.    Hair dryer: switch the hair dryer on lowest temperature and use it to dry the ears. Please make sure it is not hot else it will cause more damage then any healing. If you are unsure about the temperature setting of your hair dryer then do not use these types of natural remedies for swimmer’s ear.

There are many more natural remedies for swimmer’s ear infection. We will continue with them in another post. So watch out for it.

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