These simple yet amazing natural remedies for good health will help your enhance your lifestyle.

1. Your sleeping position and your heart: 

The sleeping position does have a connection with the health of your heart. Did you know that sleeping on your left side puts extra pressure on your heart due to the added weight of your body? This happens because no matter what weight falls on the heart the heart has to continue pumping of the blood. We do spend one third of our lives sleeping, this additional pressure wears your heart at a faster pace. Just by sleeping on your right side or on your back you can lessen this extra pressure. These small and simple natural remedies will add to the age of your heart.

2. Natural Remedies to reduce the chances of getting cancer by smoking 

Smoking causes cancer. however, you can reduce the chances of getting cancer due to smoking through natural remedies such as having carrot juice. Dr Hans Nieper of Germany and the founder Eumatabolic Medicine established this alternate cure. Dr Nieper says, “if you smoke sixty cigarettes a day and drink four glasses of carrot juice, you will still be less prone to contract cancer than someone who doesn’t smoke but who doesn’t drink carrot juice.” Carrot has carotene in it which can prevent as well as cure cancer. These natural remedies do not guarantee freedom from cancer if you smoke, however, it will greatly reduce the chances.

3. Reduce harm caused to eyesight by viewing TV screen and monitors:
The eyes are not designed to stare at one object constantly. Due to your work you may be required to stare at your computer screen for entire day or maybe you just enjoy watching television. Constant exposure to the rays coming from the eyes may be harmful, but with few natural remedies such as simple exercises you can reduce the effect. Firstly, roll your eyes in complete circles clockwise as well as anti clockwise. While rolling your eyes in circles look as far as you can. Next roll your eyes from up to down and left to right. By doing these natural remedies once in every hour you can avoid the harmful effect caused by monitor exposure to your eyes. This exercise will help relax the muscles of your eyes.

4. Iron for better health:
Iron is required for the hemoglobin in the blood. Hemoglobin is responsible for transportation of oxygen to all parts of the body. Iron deficiency will cause fatigue, tiredness, irritation and headache. Men have an iron reserve in their body which will last for three years, hence they do not have to worry about iron deficiency. Women, require twice the amount of iron due to menstrual cycle. Even more iron is needed by pregnant women. Vitamin C helps the body in absorption of iron. Hence, you need to up your Vitamin C intake along with iron, having a glassful. You can do this through different natural remedies like drinking tomato juice or orange juice. Also, tea reduces the amount of iron absorbed by the body by 50% which is alarmingly high, and coffee by about 39%.

5. A high fiber diet for better health:
A study done on Holland over a period of ten years on 871 men concluded that people who had a low fiber diet were more susceptible to mortal illnesses as compared to those who had a high fiber diet. Your health is indeed in your hands and in your diet. Have more fiber and stay disease free with these natural remedies.

Follow the natural remedies for good health and live a healthier and longer life!

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