If you get upset easily and fall in to a sad pensive mood you are not alone out there. There are many people who are of a melancholic humor amongst us. But that doesn’t make them different from others and they need not suffer from any particular medical condition. They are naturally conditioned to be so. If you are prone to emotions, deep thoughts and loneliness then sure are you creative, kind and considerate. Because that’s how the people of melancholic humor are described by the ancient system of medicine in UK.

There is hardly any noticeable difference between sadness and depression. But sadness can be momentary while depression can be perennial. Your sorrow and grief at a mishap in life, a change in the life style or the loss of  a loved one can push you down in to clinical depression. Normally, sadness occurs when you lose something that you used to enjoy previously and you get over it gradually in a period of time. It is necessary to open up your negative emotions to a loved one to save yourself from depression. Sharing would reduce the intensity of the sadness or you can even cry it out as a way to reduce your sorrow.

See the tips below to help yourself when you feel down.

  • Get yourself some fresh air in the morning. Fresh air and natural yet early sunlight can work wonders. If you can’t go out at that time sit beside the windows to soak in some light.
  • Don’t skip walking. Your feeling sad shouldn’t make you ignore your physical activity. Working out will bring you your appetite and sleep.
  • Take a break from regular chores and go out in the sun.
  • Take foods containing amino acid tryptophan for antidepressant effects. Foods like tofu, turkey, milk, and egg white rich in amino acid tryptophan will elevate the production of serotonin, involved in controlling moods and appetite.
  • Eat fish for omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Ask your doctor about taking folic acid and vitamin B6.
  • Licorice Root helps relaxation by replenishing the adrenals. However, this herb is not for those with hypertension.
  • Passion Flower  is a herb that calms the nerves, reduces anxiety and high blood pressure while encouraging sleep.
  • Valerian is a natural remedy to treat mood problems, to soothe the nervous tension, anxiety, stress and insomnia.
  • Scullcap, an adrenal herb for high blood pressure, worry, restlessness and emotional conflict.
  • Look for St. John’s Wort if you are ready for the side effects like dizziness, dry mouth, indigestion, and fatigue.
  • Eat less of sweets and drink reduced amount of caffeine!

Do not hesitate to get medical help if you feel chronic depression and melancholy.

-AparnA K V

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