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Navras Pak is a confection formulation containing potent anti-impotency and aphrodisiac herbs. Navras Pak is a blend of clinically-proven Ayurvedic herbs having the capacity to increase blood supply to the organs. The groups of drugs used in treating sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction are known as aphrodisiacs. These are also known as sex-stimulating drugs. They increase blood supply to the vital part resulting in erection.

Shukra dhatu in Ayurveda

From Ayurvedic Anatomy perspective, dhatu stands for the tissue. The diet we take normally is converted in three parts. A major portion of the diet gets converted into excreta or waste products (faeces). The central portion gets converted in rasa, the first dhatu and from here subsequent dahtu are formed. The subtlest portion of the diet is converted into oja, which has been defined as extract of the seven-tissues.

As per thumb rule, the diet consumed by us is first converted into rasa or the plasma. Subsequently, rakta, mamsa, meda, asthi, majja and shukra are formed. Vajikarna are defined as drugs that are used to promote sexual-appetite. In modern medicine, they are better addressed as aphrodisiacs. Few drugs increase the sperm-count and are called as spermopiotics. Safed musli (Asparagus adscendens) is typical example.

Formulations derived out of Ayurvedic herbs are successfully used for the treatment of sexual- diseases. In Ayurveda, spermopiotics are better addressed as shukrajanana. They are also called semen promoters. Some drugs have astringent act on the seminal fluid and are called shukrastambkaha. Akarkara is typical example.

Shukra-Reproductive fluid or Semen

Shukra-dhatu deals with the reproductive capacity of the human-body. In a nutshell, shukra is end product of all the preceding dhatus, rasa, rakta, mamsa, meda, asthi, and majja. Deficiency of shukra is known as shukrahasa in Ayurveda and has typical signs and symptoms.

Navras Pak for Common Sex Problems 

  • Erectile dysfunction is the inability on the part of male-partner to get erect- posture of the viral organ, the penis. As the age advances, there is decrease in male sex hormone, testosterone in the body. Hence, males approach erectile dysfunction in natural fashion. Depression, history of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), using antidepressants and antihypertensive medications (long-terms) are common factors resulting in erectile dysfunction. Diabetic neuropathy (a complication of diabetes-mellitus) is another important cause for erectile dysfunction.
  • Low sperm count (Oligozoospermia): When the sperm count is below the required level. It should not be mixed with azoospermia, which is absolutely zero sperm count.
  • Spermatorrhoea (Premature ejaculation): Ejaculation occurring without the act of intercourse is known as premature ejaculation. It is a routine affair in young men and in majority of the cases, it cane addressed by routine counselling.

Composition of Navras Pak:


  • Mango Pulp 50.00 gms
  • Go Grith 06:00 gms
  • Sunth Churna 03:00 gms
  • Miri Churna 01:50 gms
  • Pimpli Churna 00:75 gms
  • Dhane Churna 01:00 gms
  • Jire Churna 01:00 gms
  • Elaichi Churna 01:00 gms
  • Tamal Patra Churna 01:00 gms
  • Pimpalmal Churna 01:00 gms
  • Dalchini Churna 01:00 gms

Pharmacology of main ingredients


  • Gana or Classification according to Ayurveda: Amlaskanda, Chadrinigrehena, Mutrasangrehneya and Purishsangrehneya.
  • Family:
  • Botanical name: Mangifera indica
  • Synonyms: Ama (Hindi), Amra, Atisaurabha, Chuta, Gucchasya, Kamavallabha, Kharapushpa, Madhuduta, Mahotsava, Makanda, Mangala, Manmathapriya, Manodhivasa, Mavirasava, Pikabandhu, Pikvalabha, Priyapandu, Rasala, Sahakara, Samslista, Sarotta, Vanostava, Vasantaduta (Sanskrit), Mango (English).
  • Habitat: indica is found in India.
  • Morphology: indica is a tall tree. Leaves emit smell on bruising. Flower are small, green and aromatic. Fruit green when unripe and red when ripe. Frit pulp is aromatic, sweet and yellow coloured.
  • Chemical composition: Chlorophyll, xanthone (mangiferin), tannins, ascorbic acid, carbon bisulphide, benzol and gum. Seed pulp on distillation yields mango butter. Composition of unripe fruit is tabulated below.


Table: It shows composition of unripe fruit of M. indica


Fig: Structure of mangiferin

  • Rasa (Taste): Amla (Sour).
  • Guna (Physical property): Guru (Heavy).
  • Virya (Potency): Usna (Hot).
  • Vipaka (Post digestion effect): Katu (Pungent).
  • Effect on Tridosha: Pacifies Pitta and Kapha.
  • Karma (Action): Kandughana (Antipruritic).
  • Therapeutics: indica is given diarrhoea, bleeding diathesis, polyuria and pyuria.
  • Parts used: Fruit, leaves and flowers.
  • Dose: Decoction (50-100 ml), Powder (3-6G), Expressed juice (10-20 ml).
  • Formulation based on Amra: Amrapanaka, Pushyanuga churana.


Technical detail of Navras Pak 

  1. Trade name of the Ayurvedic medicinal product:

Navras Pak

  1. Composition:
  2. 1. See above
  3. Pharmaceutical form:

Jelly or confection.

  1. Clinical particulars

4.1: Therapeutic indications

Erectile dysfunction, spermatorrhoea and oligozoopermia.

4.2: Posology and method of administration

The dosage of Navras Pak is 1 TSF twice or thrice a day, with lukewarm water, by oral route.

4.3: Contraindications

Navras Pak is safe within prescribed dose. It is strongly recommend that product should be taken under strict professional supervision.

4.4: Special warning and special precautions for use

Not established.

4.5: Interactions with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction

Not established.

4.6: Pregnancy and lactation

Not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

4.7: Effects on ability to drive and use machines

Not established.

4.8: Undesirable effects


4.9: Overdose:

Not established.

  1. Pharmacological properties

5.1: Pharmacodynamic properties


5.2: Pharmacokinetic properties


5.3: Preclinical safety data

The tolerability of Navras Pak based ingredients have been studied by means of multiple dosages in animal and human studies.

  1. Pharmaceutical particulars:

6.1: List of excipients


6.2: Incompatibilities

Not known.

6.3: Shelf life

As per Ayurvedic Formulary of India


Navras Pak is a blend of time-tested, cost-effective and efficacious aphrodisiacs, which have been used for centuries in treating sex-related problems in males. Navras Pak stimulates metabolism in body and as per Ayurvedic physiology, it helps in stimulating dhatupak (tissue building) in proper manner and fine quality shukta dhatu, the last dhatu. In addition, Navras Pak is devoid of unpleasant side-effects which can be expected with aphrodisiacs of synthetic origin.