Nirogam Interviews Jasmin Waldmann Founder of Pilardio® & JaWa Diet!

J_WALDMANN_064Jasmin Waldmann is a Life Coach, Master Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Counsellor.  She is the founder of Pilardio® and the JaWa Diet.  We had the privilege of interviewing Jasmin and we are delighted to share her insights on fitness and health with you.

What is ‘Pilardio’ and how is it different from other fitness programmes?

Pilardio is a combination of meditation, dance, and exercises supported with fantastic music. It clears your mind, brings inner balance, detoxes, and tones up the body. A special kind of music is created for dance/training purpose only. However, this music can be heard while doing something else too.

The magic is in the feeling, which cannot be described.

What inspired you to create Pilardio?  

The idea behind making people aware of their body while performing mundane tasks inspired me to create Pilardio. I’ve brought tremendous importance of inner and outer posture. As a kid I did ballet and this also came in the picture while I created Pilardio.

I also got inspired by Josephs Pilates’ idea of keeping the body clean. He had the idea of cardio vascular system but never put it as such in reality. His program is great and I brought it into a upright position and mingled it with easy step from ballet, jazz dance and aerobics. I absolutely understood and appreciated his idea to train the cardiovascular system and all the benefits out of it.

We understand you are now based in Gurgaon.  What made you choose India and what do you like best about working out of India?

I came to India because I was recruited by the team of M.S. Dhoni of Sportsfit – a gym chain. I saw that high potential here, and the need for professionals, so I decided to open another company here in India.

I like the easiness of people here and the “Jugad way” (laughs). Everything is possible here.

How many people have benefitted with Pilardio and what were the benefits?  

People are joining regular classes in Germany and Greece. We have several Instructors there and we plan to start in India in the second half of 2016 too.

Benefits are in a very unique mixture. Understand the slogan first: Light mind – light body means that when the spirit is free and light – also the body is free and light.

Pilardio stands for smart actions and precise movements – during classes but also in life generally (decisions making etc.) without losing sight of your own vision and lightness. Keep the view and stay focused on things that really important to you.

The mind becomes wonderfully clear and calm again, the body comes in motion and one sweats a lot. Toning up the body, caring of the skin and managing your life can bring inner peace, a flexible and balanced  body, stamina, reduces overweight and leads to an amazing figure.

Besides the mental and physical aspects, nutrition plays an important role in this lifestyle too.

Get to know by yourself the background of the statement: “I feel just pilardio” and just do it!

Could you elaborate on how Pilardio is a holistic fitness programme?

Besides the movement of the body, Pilardio takes care of the mental needs too. The philosophy of Pilardio is told during the classes. The participant will take it from the studio to the daily life.

Can those with back pain benefit from PIlardio?  Is Pilardio suitable for diabetics?

In Pilardio you need to follow one thing: Listen to your body. For e.g. if you are in physical pain the body sends the signal that something is wrong. A lot of students with back pain have benefitted from Pilardio, in a way I never expected.

Talking about Diabetes- it is one of the best trainings you can do to either avoid or to cure diabetes type 2.

Do you have any specific advice for a person trying to lose weight with hypothyroidism?

It is important that you undergo a thyroid hormone therapy in case of hypothyroidism. Thyroid hormones are so involved in important metabolic processes in the body and are related to the nervous system via a so-called loop in conjunction. Before doing any type of physical exercises the patient has to consult the doctor first.

Is there an age limit for those who can use this fitness programme?

Pilardio and Pilates can be practiced at any age – the limit is self-belief, as usual.

Can Pilardio be done without supervision?

No, it would not be beneficial. There are DVDs available – but we tell students to follow few classes first, to get the right ‘taste’ and the proper instructions from the teacher. Otherwise the student will fail and it would be not be beneficial as such.

Can Pilardio be customised for each person’s health requirements? Do you have any specific regimes for diabetics, people with heart and thyroid problems, PCOS, etc.  

The teacher will ask for physical health problems and will give some alternatives here and there- but not for the whole class. Specific regimes can be followed but that information is given in personal, one on one classes. Every body is different. Hence, the work done on each body will be different.

What are your thoughts on using anaerobic pathways for burning calories?

The more you use your energy the better it is- goes an obsolete saying. In case one wants to burn calories – out of the stored fat (mostly in the belly area), one needs to be trained mainly in an aerobic way, and there is science behind it. As a matter of fact, human beings have only two ways of burning energy: The slow fat burning process, and second the fast way, in which energy comes from stored energy in muscles and liver.

Are Protein Shakes really needed?  

Nope – it is great for people who are selling it! They are the benefiters. Only if one works out for more than 2 hours a day, high intensity, then it make sense. Also once a while if one is a vegetarian or eats vegan – then it makes sense since a lot of important protein is missing usually in their regular diet.

Can you help us understand the difference between cardio and strength training?  

Cardio training is for the whole cardio vascular system, strength training increases the power of the muscles- literally. These are two different things.

Is it important to eat before working out?  Do you have any suggestions on the best food to eat before a workout?

It depends on the purpose and type of workout. If it is about fat burning, one should not eat 1 hour before or after working out – otherwise there would be no fat burning process as such. In case there is a heavy weight lifting workout, one needs extra energy, which has to come from carbs like bananas and also an espresso – to boost.

What is JaWa Diet?  When did you first put it together and whom does it benefit?

12106991_400086863535307_1693987002561291693_nJaWa diet was earlier called “Pilardio nutrition” and it came along with Pilardio in the market in 2009. We changed its name recently.

It benefits anybody who is interested in discovering what the body really needs – not following a strict diet but by finding out–step by step the needs of body (and brain).

Is the JaWa Diet good for diabetics, CKD patients and others who have significant dietary restrictions?

It is super beneficial for diabetics! For CKD patients, they need to be careful as without a proper doctor’s advice it can lead to heart diseases. Basically JaWa Diet is very healthy and a low carb diet. It feeds the body and the mind in a healthy way. Today we eat not only to survive but for many other reasons like taste.

Is the JaWa Diet approved by doctors?  Do you have any statistical data on how many people benefitted from this diet and in what way?

JaWa Diet is approved- as well as Pilardio – by Nicolas G. Bazan, MD, PhD., Neuroscientist and Eye Researcher, Author and Educator.

According to you, what are some of the good slow-carbs and proteins that vegetarians can take to supplement their diet?

Quinoa is good to eat and Arbi is amazing and yet quite undiscovered as a great source of carbs. Vegetarians need to eat a lot of beans (kidney beans, and others) for protein as well as for the mineral iron.

Soy is okay. You can benefit with the right mixture of protein from vegetable mixed with protein from animals. For e.g. pancakes, cow milk, mingled with wheat, or potatoes and half glass of milk (whole fat).

Could you share your eBook on the JaWa Diet with our readers?

Yes, the e-book is now available and can be ordered here:  JaWa Diet EBook

What is the diet to exercise ratio which should constitute a good weight loss regime?

Diet is 75 % when we talk about visibility.

Workouts is 25 % which makes the look difference.

How much of an impact do you think ‘Pilardio’ and the ‘JaWa Diet’ will have on achieving mind-body balance?

If we talk about diet – it is one of the most crucial parts because it affects your mood directly. The way you eat is the way you feel.

Pilardio brings the needed amount of movement; in order to get rid of all stored bad hormones (like stress-hormones). It also brings inner calmness since you are focusing only on one thing. The brain loves that thing and can work in the best way like that. This leads into a perfect balance of body and mind.

What are your future plans for expansion?  

I have great plans in India as well as abroad. I just started workshop programs in India. My clients are CEOs and managers, but I’ve seen also housewives as my clients.

I want to give everybody an opportunity to change their life, for not only good but great. In a year I will built my first center in India. It will be about meditation, diet, life coaching and exercises – the 4 needed pillars to change your life completely and forever.

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