Things You Should Know About The Health Benefits of Tarragon Essential Oil

There are a lot of health benefits of tarragon essential oil that makes it a very useful oil. Tarragon essential oil is good for digestion, helps in treating rheumatism, aids circulation, is a stimulant, aperitif, and works as a deodorant as well. The medicinal properties of tarragon have been known for a long time. This herb was also used in many cuisines.

The scientific name of tarragon herb is Artemisia which literally means small dragon. The unique herbal properties and health benefits of tarragon essential oil set it apart from other herb.

Health benefits of tarragon essential oil

1. Helps treat rheumatism: Rheumatism and arthritis is caused mainly due to two reasons. The first known cause is lack of good blood and lymph circulation mainly in the limbs. The other reason is aggregation of toxic substances such as uric acid in different parts of the body. The best way to treat rheumatism is to improve the blood circulation in the entire body as well as detoxify the body and get rid of all the toxic substances. Tarragon essential oil when massaged onto the skin helps makes the blood circulation better. The health benefits of tarragon essential oil provide a sense on warmth on the part where it is massaged. It also helps avoid the accumulation of uric acid in the body. The health benefits of tarragon essential oil also helps with the detoxification in the body by stimulating excretion as well as urination.

2. Aperitif: aperitif is alcoholic and digestive drink which is usually had before a meal to improve the appetite. The tarragon aperitif helps with secretion of juices inside the stomach which improves the appetite. This drink stimulates the saliva production in the mouth itself. Inside the stomach it helps with the secretion of bile as well as gastric juices which improves the digestion and helps make the stomach empty and improve the appetite.

3. Improves blood circulation: the health benefits of tarragon essential oil help make the blood circulation better. It makes the body healthy by properly distributing nutrients, hormones, oxygen as well as enzymes in the entire body. Health benefits of tarragon essential oil also stops the toxins from accumulating in one single place mainly the joints.

4. Good digestion: the health benefits of tarragon essential oil improve the digestion by enhancing the secretion of gastric juices like acids and bile inside the stomach. These gastric juices help in breaking down the food into different nutrients by enhancing the peristaltic movement in the stomach. This entire action helps in facilitating the movement of food through the entire digestive organs.

5. Works as a deodorant: the spicy fragrance, which are health benefits of tarragon essential oil, help in keeping the body odor away. It also subdues the microbe growth and activity on the skin which further helps avoid body odor.

6. Emmenagogue: Tarragon essential oil eases the symptoms of menstruation by removing any obstruction in the menses and ensuring timely periods. Health benefits of tarragon essential oil  also helps ease discomforts associated with menstruation such as pain, fatigue, nausea as well as irritation.

7. Has stimulating action: tarragon essential oil stimulates the brain, nervous system, the digestion, blood circulation as well as the endocrinal system. All this stimulating action improves the metabolism and also improves the immunity, also helps with growth and development.

8. Acts as vermifuge: this oil helps in killing the worms, such as tape work or round worm, inside the body.

Note: Tarragon essential oil has estragole in it; hence it is not advisable for use by pregnant ladies as well as children. This oil is recommended for external use. However, you may take it internally as prescribed by your herbalist.

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