Discover the Wonderful Health Benefits of Oregano OilOregano is famously used as seasoning over pizzas and in Greek cuisine. Oregano oil is extracted from the same oregano herb, however, it is not used in cooking. Oregano oil has many health benefits some of which are:

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1. Oregano oil is a powerful purifier. It helps in getting rid of micro organisms that lead to indigestion as well as skin rashes. Oregano oil has compounds, carvacrol and thymol which attack micro-organisms that are the cause behind several infections and ailments.
2. It is used on gums to soothe any irritation.
3. When used as a gargle, it can ease cough as well as itchy throat.
4. Oregano oil is useful in increasing flexibility of the joint as well as muscle.
5. It is helpful in making the immune system strong.
6. It is useful in clearing congestion in the sinus.
7. It is useful in improving the strength of the digestive system.
8. It is a good source of minerals as well as vitamins. This oil is exceptionally rich in Vitamin C.
9. Oregano oil knows the difference between good bacteria and bad bacteria, taking oregano oil destroys the bad bacteria in the body while leaving the good ones untouched.
10. It is useful in loosening the phlegm buildup inside the lungs. It also aids in relieving spasms in the bronchial tube thus making the respiratory system stronger.
11. Oregano oil has anti candida effect.

Oregano oil can be purchased from a herbal provider. It is available in the form of liquid, capsules and tablets. One must be cautious while taking oregano oil. The appropriate dosage is extremely important

The dosage of oregano oil:

P73 or Wild oregano oil is extremely potent and can even sterilize sewage water. There is large quantity of chlorophyll present in it, which makes it a potent natural antiseptic. As oregano oil is extremely strong, you must begin the dosage with only one or two drops every day when using it internally.

More information on dosage:

1. Gargle: Take a glass of salt water and add only one or two drops of oregano oil to it. Gargle with this solution everyday and you will be free from all throat ailments.

2. To cure bad breath and plaque in the tooth: Place one to three drops of oregano oil on top of your tooth brush and brush your tooth the same way you would brush with toothpaste. Repeat brushing with oregano oil twice or thrice in a day.

3. Herpes: start by vigorously massaging two to four drops of oregano oil on the spinal column everyday. You can also place two to four drops of oregano oil below the tongue once or twice in a day.

4. Ear infection: Do not put the oregano oil inside your ear. Apply one to three drops of oregano oil on the outer portion of your ear with your finger. You can even place a cotton ball with three drops of oregano oil at the start of the ear canal.

5. Candida: The dosage of oregano oil for curing candida should be carefully administered. One must take it in the form of coated capsules such that it reaches the intestines without breaking down in the stomach. Herbalists generally prescribe 0.2 to 0.4 ml of enteric coated oregano oil supplements to be taken twenty minutes before every meal.

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