Ayurvedic Cure for Insomnia, Stress and Anxiety – Nirogam  

Ayurvedic Cure for Insomnia, Stress and Anxiety

Can't sleep at night?  

That must be driving you crazy! Don't let sleepless nights affect your health. Use Nirogam's SleepMitram to calm the mind and improve your sleep. 


for Insomnia, Stress and Anxiety
● Corrects sleep pattern
● Cures insomnia
● Soothes the mind

Quantity: 120 Tablets

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Dosage: 1-2 tablets per day with warm milk/ warm water

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Benefits of Sleepmitran

Calms the nerves

Optimizes blood chemistry to the normal range. Balances hormonal flow from the adrenal gland. Reduces production of cortisol or stress-inducing hormones. Inhibits accumulation of harmful toxins in the body. Enhances cognitive capabilities. Eases hyperactivity of the central nervous system.

Can treat psychotic disorders

Effective in the treatment of depression, general anxiety and weak memory. Has a neuroprotective function. Helps to combat psychological strain. Prevents oxidative damage of brain cells from blood toxins like cholesterol, pollutants etc. Curb's physical symptoms of stress like dizziness and headache.

Rejuvenates mind and body

Its antioxidants promote the healing of damaged tissues and purify the blood. Upscales body’s basal energy levels. Works to improve the brain’s retention power. Repairs heart’s wear and tear. Supports gastrointestinal functions to boost digestive capability. Stimulates the excretion of toxins through the kidneys. 

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