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That Ayurveda Guy

We all live, but do we really know how?  And are we doing the right things to live a long life free of unnecessary illnesses?  Well that’s exactly what That Ayurveda Guy is here to talk about.  He’s here to make Ayurveda accessible to everyone who is interested in adopting natural ways to stay healthy for long.  And the only way That Ayurveda Guy can do this is by dispersing the mystery that shrouds Ayurveda.  A series of podcasts dedicated solely to making Ayurvedic Living simpler to understand is what this is all about.  If you’ve been wondering about the secrets of naturally healthy healing and living, then you need to check out That Ayurveda Guy!  Find the link here to listen in.
If you’re looking for natural ways to wellness and health, this is the way to start.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions on Ayurveda and how it can help. Find me on Twitter @Ayurvedaguy, on Linkedin at or email me at to chat about it. I’ve also written about lots of Ayurvedic remedies and home solutions on quora, look me up on


Recent Episodes
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JANUARY 12, 2021

Ep 4: Seasonal Tidings - Things we need to do in Winter
DECEMBER 30, 2020

Ep. 3: The Taste of Health - Six flavors of Ayurveda
DECEMBER 20, 2020

Ep. 2: Leave the Medication for Last (Aahar, Vihaar & Aushadhi)
DECEMBER 09, 2020

Ep. 1: What the Heck is Ayurveda
NOVEMBER 26, 2020

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