Today we will discuss some common deficiencies, aches and pains experienced by many women during pregnancy such as anemia, backaches and cystitis. We will also throw some light upon how you can avoid them and how to cure them naturally.

Anemia: Anemia is an extremely common condition experienced by many women during pregnancy. Many a times we take iron tablets that do not cure anemia as well as lead to other problems. Sometimes, it is also possible that you get tested for anemia at inappropriate time such as immediately after an expanse in the volume of blood. After such an expanse it takes a while for the RBCs to catch up with the increase in volume. This situation will make you appear to be anemic when you are not. You can follow these tips and suggestions to meet your iron requirement:

1. Eat foods that are rich in iron such as beets, liver, leafy green vegetables and oysters.
2. Caffeine prevents iron from being absorbed. So avoid it.
3. Drink any juice that has vitamin C in it along with your iron supplements. Vitamin C helps in better absorption of iron.
4. Cook in utensils that are made of cast iron.
5. Herbs that have iron in them are Parsley, Amaranth greens, kelp and dandelion roots. You can take a herbal supplement of these herbs.

Backaches: Backaches are extremely troublesome in pregnancy. Backaches may happen due to bad posture, bad ways of lifting objects, change in the gravity balance due to your growing stomach, lack of physical workout, the baby weight as well as the stretching of ligaments. How to avoid and cure such backaches naturally:

1. Pay attention on your posture
2. Do not lift heavy objects
3. Massages
4. Support your legs and back with pillows while you sleep
5. Do not wear heels, wear flat soled shoes as they offer good posture to the body
6. Take warm water bath to soothe the back muscles
7. Go for mild swimming sessions
8. Do daily stretching exercises
9. Wear loose and comfy clothes
10. Go for herbal liniments, they are natural and rejuvenating.
11. If the pain persists take help from a chiropractor
12. Back pain while you are pregnant does not imply that you may have back labor.

Cystitis: This is a common bladder infection experienced by several women in their pregnancy. This is caused by the additional stress laid down upon your bladder because of the sudden increase in fluid volume inside your body. Tips and suggestions:
1. Avoid junk food, sugar, tea, refined starches, coffee and other foods that may be high in acidic contents.
2. Eat yogurt every day
3. Drink lots and lots of water as well as other fluids everyday.
4. Wear comfortable cotton underwear.
5. Avoid using bath salts, bubble baths and soaps in and around your genital area. Ask your doctor to prescribe some special vaginal washes.
6. After intercourse, make sure you empty your bladder to reduce the instance of infections. Also, try and wash it with the vaginal wash.
7. Wipe with a clean towel or toilet paper from the front to the back end after every toilet trip.
8. Have more of leeks, cabbage as well as garlic in your everyday diet.
9. Mix sugarless cranberry juice along with parsley atleast three times in a day.
10 Herbs such as chamomile, marshmallow, barley water and raspberry tea are effective in curing and healing bladder infections.