Insomnia, muscle cramps and nausea are common side effects or downfalls of being pregnant. These are just temporary symptoms and can be avoided and cured with natural methods.

Insomnia: Insomnia is a common condition during pregnancy. It can be caused by several factors such as restlessness, anxiety, excessive stimulation, lack of comfort and need to urinate. Ways to avoid and cure:

1. Try to avoid stimulants.
2. Eat couple of hours before sleeping time at night and also make sure that your dinner is easy to digest.
3. To soothe your mind and body try drinking herbal teas such as limeflower or chamomile before sleeping hours.
4. Drink warm milk or you can also take a calcium supplement or magnesium supplement.
5. Make sure your bed is comfortable
6. Make sure your room has proper ventilation.
7. Pelvic rocking before bedtime helps. It aids better if followed by a warm soothing bath.
8. Massage of the neck and head with herbal oils helps
9. Some drops of Bach Flower Rescue remedy in water will relax you if your are uneasy.
10. Take a base oil and add few drops of lavender essential oil and use it to massage your body before sleeping.

Cramps: Muscle cramps are extremely common during pregnancy. This may occur due to the baby weight that your are carrying, deficiency of calcium and change is blood circulation. How to avoid and cure:

1. Exercise every day.
2. Increase dietary calcium.
3. When the cramp happens, bring your toes near to you and gently massage the muscle.
4. To avoid muscle cramp, do a little stretching exercise before sleeping. The simplest way is to take a large big book like a telephone directory and stand on top of it. Place your feet on this big book in such a manner that you can drop off your heels from the book side. This way you will be stretching your calf real well.
5. You can even lean forward, place your hand approximately shoulder height and distance on a wall. Take you left foot and step backwards. Be sure that you place the heel of your foot on the ground for maximum stretch. Repeat with your right foot as well.

Nausea, vomiting and queasiness: These are the most common pregnancy symptoms. Also, commonly known as morning sickness, however, these symptoms may strike any time in a day. These symptoms are more prominent during the first three months of pregnancy and they go away in the latter months. There are certain factors that may aggravate the condition such as low blood sugar, changes in hormones, low blood pressure, emotional distress, iron deficiency and vitamin B6 deficiency and excessive spicy and oily foods. Excessive vomiting and nausea needs medical aid. How to cure and avoid:

1. Deep breathing exercises helps and so does relaxation exercises.
2. Having a small protein snack before sleeping will aid stabilize blood sugar levels in the morning.
3. In the morning get slowly out of bed.
4. Walking is a good exercise.
5. Acupressure therapy also helps. Sea bands on wrists of both hands.
6. Have, fennel seed, red raspberry, dried peach tree leaves as well as ginger tea.
7. Have slippery elm tablets before each meal.
8. Increase dietary iron.
9. Smell ground ginger.
10. Have a teaspoon of cider vinegar mixed in a cupful of warm water.

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