Probiotics: Future Panacea For High Blood Pressure

Do you have high blood pressure? Then there is a new way to lower it apart from reducing your salt intake. You can load up on probiotic yoghurt and supplements to maintain a healthy blood pressure. High blood pressure invites a number of other health complications. It puts you at a higher risk for getting heart attack or stroke. Preventing and controlling high blood pressure is crucial. Step up your physical activity, eats lots of salads, fruits and green veggies, go low on sodium and shed the extra pounds to keep high BP at bay. Adopt a healthy lifestyle for a healthier you!

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2 thoughts on “Probiotics: Future Panacea For High Blood Pressure

  • August 14, 2014 at 2:58 pm

    BUt this yoghurt will not add up the cholesterol? In that case how this yoghurt will help?

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