Ayurvedic Cholesterol kit

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Benefits :

  • Supports cholesterol levels, lipid levels and metabolism
  • Helps maintain a normal weight
  • Works as a heart tonic that helps maintain heart health
  • Maintains Blood pressure
  • Enhances overall energy levels, stamina, immunity, and cellular health.


Ayurvedic Cholesterol kit contain a month's dose of:

  • Shuddh guggulu 60 capsules x 1
  • Arjuna Powder - 100g x 1



  • Shuddh Guggulu - 01 capsule twice a day before meals.
  • Arjuna Powder - 3-6 gms with warm water

Shudh Guggulu

Shudh Guggulu effectly improves cholesterol and metabolism. It reduces ldl cholesterol (bad cholesterol), increases hdl cholesterol (good cholesterol) and maintans normal cholesterol levels.

Guggulu (Commiphora mukul) has been used historically for centuries to support normal body fat levels and normal metabolism. In findings published in the American research journal Science, scholars at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston say the 2,500 year old traditional Indian cholesterol support plant "really works!"

Another group of scholars at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas found that Guggulu supports cholesterol metabolism, and exerts an antioxidant effect, which supports the normal oxidation levels of cholesterol in the body.

Guggulu, has also been used historically to support normal joint function. Scholars at South Carolina University of Health Sciences (2003) found Guggulu to be supportive of normal mobility levels.

Guggulu's antioxidant effects have also been subjected to scientific scrutiny. Researchers at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine recently showed that Commiphora mukul and its component guggulsterone significantly support normal levels of LDL.

Arjuna Powder

Arjuna(Terminalia arjuna) has hypolipidemic properties, it enhances the elimination of cholesterol by accelerating the turnover of LDL-cholesterol in the liver. Lowers beta-lipoprotein lipids and the recovery of HDL components in hyperlipidemia. Arjuna can help lower cholesterol as much as 64%.

Adverse effects:
1, There are no side effects after using this herb.
2. Can be safely given to children and lactating women.
3. Seek advise of an Ayurvedic physician for further medical guidance.
Ayurvedic Energetics:
  • Brings about balance on kapha and vata.
  • No animal ingredients. Cruelty Free Certified
  • No Heavy Metals.
  • No Added Artificial Flavours.
  • No Chemical preservatives.
  • No Pesticides.
  • No genetically Modified Crop Material used.


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