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  • Brahmi, also known as Bacopa, is a plant that has been used in traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda).
  • Bacopa is commonly used for Alzheimer's disease as it helps in improving memory, relieving anxiety, and treating attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) among it’s many other uses.
  • People also take Brahmi to treat backache, hoarseness, mental illness, epilepsy, joint pain, and sexual performance problems in both men and women. It is also sometimes used as a “water pill.”

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    It Also:

    • Boosts immunity
    • Helps in controlling hypertension (Calming Effect)
    • Treats headaches of various origins as from stress anxiety, depression, etc.
    • Cures Insomnia (sleep problems).
    • Treats joint pain (rheumatism).
    • Improves sexual health

    Pure Brahmi contains Bacopa Monnieri or Brahmi extracts.

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    How to take Brahmi?

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    Our motto is to heal with Natural, Organic, Genuine Ayurvedic Products that give amazing results without causing any side effects. At Nirogam we offer Authentic and Effective Medicines and treatments to help you get better with Ayurveda.


    • Pregnancy and breast-feeding: There is insufficient reliable information about the safety of taking Bacopa if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid using it.
    • Slow heart rate (bradycardia): Bacopa might slow down the heartbeat. This could be a problem for people who already have a slow heart rate.
    • Gastrointestinal tract blockage: Bacopa might cause “congestion” in the intestines. This might cause problems in people who have a blockage in their intestines.
    • Lung conditions: Brahmi may increase fluid secretions in the lung. There is a concern that this could worsen lung conditions such as asthma or emphysema.
    • Thyroid disorders: Brahmi can increase levels of thyroid hormone. It should be used cautiously or avoided if you have a thyroid condition or take thyroid hormone medications.
    • Urinary tract obstruction: Brahmi is likely to increase secretions in the urinary tract. There is a concern that this could worsen urinary obstruction.

    Supplement Facts

    supplement facts

    Serving Size: 1-2 Capsule
    Serving Per Container: 60 Capsules

    Proprietary Blend

    • No animal ingredients
    • Suitable for vegetarians
    • No heavy metals
    • No added artificial flavors
    • No chemical preservatives
    • No pesticides
    • No genetically modified crop material used

    Brahmi is a boon from nature to encourage memory, enhance cognitive ability, alertness, and to promote relaxation & sleep. Brahmi can be taken internally as a supplement and Brahmi oil can be applied on the crown of the head to enhance sleep. Brahmi is a nerve tonic that can increase concentration and learning capacity. It can reduce irritability and restlessness in both children and adults.

    Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri), is called the Herb of Grace and used in traditional Indian medicine for centuries to treat bronchitis, chronic cough, asthma, hoarseness, arthritis, rheumatism, backache, fluid retention, chronic skin conditions, constipation, hair loss, fevers, digestive problems, depression, mental and physical fatigue and many more. It also has an effective use as a blood cleanser.

    Ayurveda recommends the use of Brahmi for memory problems and poor concentration. Brahmi specifically enhances the quality of Sadhaka Pitta which directly influences the nature of consciousness. It has been seen that by chewing a few leaves of Brahmi on empty stomach the memory retention capacity of the brain can improve. In some areas of India, Brahmi leaves are ground into chutney and used regularly.

    • Eat and sleep well. Omega 3 fatty acid [tuna, salmons, sardines] improves brain power. Vegetarian sources of omega 3 include walnuts, ground flax seeds, and soya beans.
    • Limit calories and saturated fats.
    • Eat more fruits and vegetables like spinach, broccoli, apples, mangoes, and watermelons.
    • Exercise regularly - when you exercise the body, you exercise the brain
    • Memory is linked to the health of the body, soul, mind, emotions, and sentiments. The quality of interpersonal relationships influences the quality of memory.
    • Practice relaxation techniques
    • Play brain boosters to increase concentration and reduce forgetfulness- Sudoku puzzles, crosswords, etc.
    • Do things in a different way to activate brain cells. For instance: If you are a right-hander, comb your hair with your left with closed eyes, stir food with your left hand, etc.
    • Learn something new - a new hobby, language, musical instrument or dance
    • Reduce the use of technology to reduce distraction Try the Pomodoro technique

    Brahmi might increase certain brain chemicals that are involved in thinking, learning, and memory. Some research suggests that it might also protect brain cells from chemicals involved in Alzheimer's disease. It also treats:

    • Anxiety - Taking Bacopa syrup daily for 4 weeks reduces symptoms of anxiety, including nervousness, racing heart, trouble sleeping, headaches, tiredness, difficulty concentrating, and stomach discomfort in some people with anxiety.
    • Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) - Taking Bacopa for 6 months can improve ADHD symptoms such as restlessness and learning problems by 20% or more in some children with ADHD.
    • Improves memory - Research shows that taking Bacopa improves memory in otherwise healthy older adults. Also, taking Bacopa extract seems to improve memory and hand-eye coordination in children from the age of 6-8 years. It
    • Epilepsy (seizures) - Taking Bacopa extract for 5 months might prevent seizures in some people with epilepsy.
    Brahmi has a bitter and sweet taste and is known to impart a cooling energy.

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