Gulab Ark - 100 ml

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Bhoomi Bliss Rose water

A time tested Ayurvedic formulation made from the steam distillate of the Indian Rose.
Bhoomi Bliss Rose Water is a natural astringent toner which refreshes the skin. It balances & restores the skin’s PH levels and helps tightens pores. And is a great cleanser that helps remove dirt, pollution & make-up residue.

Only the freshest hand plucked rose petals are used to make the ark (pure rose extract) before cleaning and distilling by strictly following ancient Ayurvedic recipes. With no artificial colors or perfume Bhoomi Bliss is as near to pure Gulab Ark (Rose Water) as is possible. This is what makes it so effective in its use.

Packing size:

100 ml


  • Deep Cleanses Skin 
  • Removes Dirt & Make-Up Residue 
  • Excellent For Skin Toning 
  • Natural Astringent 
  • Tightens Pores
  • Balances Skin's PH Levels 
  • Refreshes Skin Instantly 


1. For cleansing spray generously on face and wipe off with cotton
2. For toning lightly massage on face till absorbed.
Can be used twice a day for effective results

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