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If you’re looking for that all-in- one book with every Beauty Secret you need to know then 101 Beauty Tips is the e-book for you!

Discover Nirogam’s Expert Guide full of SAFE Home Tips and Ayurvedic Remedies TO SOLVE ALL YOUR BEAUTY PROBLEMS

If looking good is important to you then get hold of this book today for vital info on how to look after your skin, hair, body and just about every aspect of your appearance that matters.

Inside discover tips on getting rid of your skin tan and acne, natural secret bleaches, how to ward off ageing and ways to make your skin glow.

Worrying about hair fall, dark circles, wrinkles and crow’s feet? Then you absolutely MUST KNOW what this book says about solving your hair and skin problems.

In it you’ll find a master plan on how to keep yourself Young and Good-Looking forever.

Why is this book so valuable?

Where else would you find the secrets of oil pulling for shiny teeth, the use of lemon and apple cider vinegar for beautiful nails and the benefits of common household ingredients for luscious lips all in one place!

Don’t waste what you do have by being upset about what you don’t have !

Get this book to learn household remedies and beauty fixes to enhance and augment your physical features and stay naturally attractive.

Remember being healthy inside makes you healthy on the outside too! Inside are dozens of Ayurvedic Recipes to help you take good care of yourself and keep you looking healthy and attractive.

Learn about everything from how to deal with dandruff, which veggies will make you pretty, how to get rid of black heads, skin tags, moles and warts, eliminate cracked heels and wrinkles to what to do about dark elbows and stretch marks!

But that’s not all! Nirogam’s 101 Beauty Tips give you guidelines to treat body odour and bad breath and tells you how you can tweak your normal daily routine to keep looking great forever.

Every beauty enthusiast should have these 101 Beauty Tips handy to know what to do and not to do to stay glowing, fresh and beautiful.




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