Pippali Powder for low appetite and respiratory problems – Nirogam  
Pippali Powder  - 100 Grams - Nirogam
Pippali Powder  - 100 Grams - Nirogam

Pippali Powder for low appetite and respiratory problems

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  • Ayurvedic medicine for spleen disorders
  • Improves digestion
  • Makes the teeth stronger

Dosage: 1-3 gm per day with warm water, milk or honey

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Works Best For

  • Digestion
  • Obesity
  • Respiratory Disorders
Shagun Singh

“I have bought many products from Nirogam for my family. So, I thought of trying this one for myself. Thoroughly satisfied!”

Muskan Bhardwaj

“I didn’t know about Pippali’s medicinal benefits until I tried it. It has increased my energy and appetite. Will be purchasing again!”

Ravi Pandey

“I add it to all of my home cooking! It gives a great flavour to foods and keeps the stomach in check.”

Benefits of Pippali Powder

Promotes weight loss
Promotes weight loss

Contains an active organic compound, peprine, that has antioxidant effects. Boosts metabolism to increase fat burning rate. Helps to eliminate toxins from blood. Prevents absorption of fat from food. Assists in breaking down food for digestion.

Has expectorant qualities
Has expectorant qualities

Herbal anti-asthmatic agent. Effectively clears obstruction in the nasal passage. Dilates bronchitis to ease breathing. Helps to release sputum from lungs. Soothes the throat to relieve chronic cough. Reduces fever associated with cold. Rejuvenates the lungs.

Alleviates digestive issues
Alleviates digestive issues

Natural carminative nature. Assists in breakdown of foods. Promotes bowel movements to release wastes. Treats indigestion by increasing production of digestive enzymes. Curbs intestinal infections to reduce motion frequency. Prevents gas formation in the stomach.

Other Benefits

  • Effectively treats constipation and heartburn
  • Helps to manage menstrual pain 
  • Strengthens the gums and teeth
  • Induces good sleep
  • Relieves body pain and inflammation
  • Suppresses hiccups

What experts say about us

Dr. Greeshma Nair

“1000 Year old Ayurveda recipes strangely followed to give you effective, easy to use Nirogam products that give amazing results.”

Dr. Divya Vaidya

“Made with High quality herbs after carefully purifying all minerals and metal for excellent products that really work”

Why is it a must have?


The powder contains pure extracts of Pippali plant:

  • Best heart tonic
  • Anti-inflammatory in nature
  • Ayurvedic remedy for enlarged spleen

Precautions to take

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Should not be taken without medical supervision.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Soy Free
Gluten Free
No Sugar
No Preservatives

Frequently asked questions

How many kinds of stomach issues can it treat?
Pippali is used to treat all kinds of gastrointestinal issues including constipation, hunger loss, poor digestion, heartburn, flatulence etc. It can also prevent sudden weight loss by increasing nutrient absorption.
Can it be given to children?
Pippali powder is known to help children suffering from chronic conditions like asthma and bronchitis. However, it should not be given to children without proper consultation with an Ayurveda expert.
What does it taste like?
It has a strong flavour which is partly sweet and pungent. It has a warm potency which is why it can be hard to digest for some patients.
How safe is it for long term usage?
Taking Pippali powder for longer durations without the supervision of Ayurveda experts can be very harmful. It may irritate the stomach and increase Pitta.
Is it available in any other form than the powder?
It is available in three forms, namely, Pippali churna or powder, Pippali capsules and Pippali tablets. In either of its forms, the herb is equally effective.
Would it benefit insomnia and obesity?
It is scientifically proven that taking Pippali powder regularly can increase the speed of fat burning and considerably relax the nerves to promote good sleep. You can take it before going to bed to get the desired results.
Which is more beneficial – Pippali powder or Trikatu Powder?
Trikatu literally means “made from three peppers”. Pippali powder is an important part of Trikatu. So, taking Trikatu powder can provide you more benefits like natural detoxification, liver function enhancement and improved reproductive health.
Can it be used externally as well?
Definitely! The powder can be mixed in adequate water and turned into a paste for external application. This way it can be used to treat conditions like headache, toothache and skin dryness.
Why should you buy from Nirogam?
The Nirogam Store offers a wide variety of stomachic medicines which treat chronic disorders like constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) etc. Our products are made from the extracts of organically cultivated Ayurvedic herbs. So, they are free from side effects and artificial additives. You can shop online from the comfort of your home, buy the products that best suit your condition and get them hand delivered to your doorstep.

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