Yashtimadhu Powder - 100 Grams – Nirogam  
Yashtimadhu Powder  - 100 Grams - Nirogam
Yashtimadhu Powder  - 100 Grams - Nirogam

Yashtimadhu Powder - 100 Grams

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  • Improves blood circulation
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves physical strength and stamina

Dosage: 3 – 6 gms per day with warm milk or water. For local application, apply paste on affected area

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Works Best For

  • Respiratory Disorders
  • Metabolism
  • Reproductive Issues
Bhanu Pratap Singh

“This is top quality Licorice powder. Has a strong scent and flavour. Gives me a calming feeling from head to toe.”

Kartikey Awasthi

“Good buy. This is a herb that everyone can consume. Both my children and parents benefit from it.”

Unika Mishra

“This is one of my favourite herbs. I drink licorice tea before going to bed. Helps me sleep soundly no matter the exhaustion of the day.”

Benefits of Yashtimadhu Powder

Boosts digestive capacity
Boosts digestive capacity

Reduces production of stomach acid. Soothes the GI tract lining. Flushes out toxins from the liver tissues. Boosts appetite. Assist in breakdown of proteins and starch. Regularizes bowel movements.

Promotes skin health
Promotes skin health

Speeds up cellular regeneration. Lightens pigmentation and blemishes. Increases tensile strength of skin tissues. Prevents acne outbreaks. Evens skin tone. Boosts production of collagen. Re-hydrates the cells.

Enhances cognitive capacity
Enhances cognitive capacity

Regulates production of cortisol. Curbs mood swings. Alleviates anxiety and mental strain. Increases alertness and receptivity. Rejuvenates the neurons. Stimulates the neural networks. Curbs emotional disturbances. Increases production of neurotransmitters.

Other Benefits

  • Works as natural aphrodisiac
  • Enhances ocular and speech capabilities
  • Heals ulcers and injuries
  • Helps to treat osteoarthritis
  • Alleviates fatigue and irritability
  • Reduces menstrual discomfort

What experts say about us

Dr. Greeshma Nair

“1000 Year old Ayurveda recipes strangely followed to give you effective, easy to use Nirogam products that give amazing results.”

Dr. Divya Vaidya

“Made with High quality herbs after carefully purifying all minerals and metal for excellent products that really work”

Main Ingredients



Popularly known as Licorice, this herb is praised worldwide for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It effectively promotes overall health by enhancing immunity, digestion and muscle strength.

Probable side effects of Yashtimadhu powder

  • Overdose can lead to gastric distress, dizziness and abdominal cramps.
  • Unsupervised consumption can lead to adverse effects for pregnant or lactating women.
  • Keep away from children.
  • May interfere with treatment of cardiovascular disorders. Heart patients should use caution.
Soy Free
Gluten Free
No Sugar
No Preservatives

Frequently asked questions

Is Yashtimadhu and Mulethi the same?
Yes. Mulethi is the common name of Yashtimadhu. It has been used since centuries in households as a remedy for digestive and respiratory diseases.
When should I take Yashtimadhu?
It is best to consume your prescribed Yashtimadhu dosage after meals, as it may affect your blood pressure levels.
What is Yashtimadhu used for?
Yashtimadhu powder uses extend from the gut to the respiratory system. It can effectively treat disorders of the stomach, lungs and oral cavity. Yashtimadhu powder also detoxifies the blood to flush out toxins from the liver, skin and muscle tissues.

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