Puffy eyes, dark circles, bags around the eyes… a nightmare that every one faces sometime or the other. Irregular sleep and long hours of sitting in front of the computer screen are bound to give any healthy person puffy eyes. If not attended to at the start these dark puffy eyes are hard to get rid of as you age.

1 Tips To reduce the puffiness
The swelling in the eyes in caused by the build up of fluid in the eye tissues, known as the orbits. The below given tips are simple tips that helps drain the fluid away from the eye area.

  • This is the most common method of reducing the puffiness, however, I must add that it is extremely effective. Cut cucumber slices into thin layers and dip them in chilled clean water for few minutes. Shake off the excess water and apply them directly over the eyes. The cooling effect of the cucumber soothes the eye tissue and reduces puffiness.
  • Like cucumber, cool tea bags are also used to cure puffy eyes. Keep the tea bags in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes before applying them over the eyes. The cooling effect reduces the circulation and the tea grains have an astringent effect which improves the skin health around the eyes.
  • This is the simplest of all methods. Refrigerate two metal spoons and gently place the backs of it over your eyes.
  • Rinse your eyes and face with clean cool water atleast twice a day and every time your eyes feel tired.


2. Sleep Tight: puffy eyes are a clear indicator of lack of sleep. If you have puffy eyes every morning you must try and improve the quality as well as quantity of your sleep.

3. Water: puffiness in the eyes is also caused by dehydration. Drink lots and lots of water throughout the day. It would help in improving your overall health too.

4. Improve your health to get rid of the puffed eyes: fluid retention around eye area causes puffiness. Perhaps, your entire body is dehydrated and causing water retention. Directly improving your body’s water handling capacity will indirectly get rid of puffed eyes.

  • Reduce salt from your food as it is a primary cause of water retention.
  • Bananas and raisins help relieve water retention, keep them handy during snack hours.
  • Diuretics such as cabbage and cranberry juice will help your body get rid off excess water. Coffee is also a diuretic, however, it may disturb your sleep and is not advisable.
  • Regular exercise improves circulation of fluids which will stop the fluid from accumulation at any place.

6. The puffiness in the eyes can also be caused because some medical or health conditions such as pregnancy, hormonal change or dermatitis. In such a case the puffiness usually goes away on its own after few days.

7. The age factor: Sometimes, the puffiness happens as you start aging and the body starts slowing down. It is OK. The tips mentioned above will help in reducing the puffiness; however, as age is the factor the puffiness might remain. Don’t fret too much over your eyes; instead try a new hairstyle to improve upon your looks.

8. Warm weather: the body’s capacity to eliminate fluid from the body is reduced during hot weather which may worsen the puffiness in the eyes.

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