This morning, I received a question from one of our readers. So, I decided to answer it here. Our esteemed reader had queried about doing something about dark lip colour, or black spots on the upper/bottom lips.

First of all, we should always find the cause of the problem. So let me first discuss the causes of dark lips.

a)  Drinking too much tea/coffee may darken the lips.
b)  Smoking is another cause of dark lips.
c)  Harmful chemicals in some lipsticks.
d)  Licking lips often, would make them dry and dark.
e)  It can be a food allergy, or a bacterial allergy.
f)  Past episodes of bleeding can form a blood clot which may show up as a dark spot on the lips.

Here is how to treat and lighten dark lips:

  • Stop taking too much coffee and tea. 1 or 2 cups every day is not harmful.
  • Avoid excessive smoking. Or try herbal cigarettes or nicotine patches.
  • Apply a mixture of lemon juice, glycerine, and fresh cream to the lips every night. Try leaving them overnight and wash in the morning. Pat Dry.
  • Avoid chewing gum. Try chewing on dessicated coconut, fennel seeds, or herbal mouth fresheners.
  • Do not use expired lipsticks or makeup. Bad quality lipsticks can cause damage.
  • In addition to lipsticks, a skin allergy can be caused by harmful chemicals in soaps also. Try using natural, glycerine-based soaps fortified with herbs, and minerals.
  • Applying Vaseline or Carrot Seed oil can also help.
  • After you apply Glycerine to your lips, you can try scrubbing the lips gently with sliced lemon. In addition to this, drink ten glasses of water every day to detoxify your system. Lemon is a natural bleach.
  • A mixture of Sweet Almond Oil, Lemon and clarified butter (ghee) also helps when applied.