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What do you do when you have an upset tummy or an ear ache? You probably pop up over the counter medicines. When was the last time you took an expert medical advice before that? Going to a specialist for common illnesses like cold, cough or an ear ache seems unnecessary. Here is where a family physician is of great help!

In today’s age, we have super specialty medical care available 24X7. But your family doctor is the first person you give a call to in the middle of the night when you face a medical problem.

The concept of having a family physician is slowly disappearing as home visits become a rare phenomenon. The doctors are becoming too busy with their clinical practice and it is no longer safe for them to make home visits due to a rise in crime. Your granny was probably luckier in this aspect than you are! In her times the doctor visited her home regularly and inspected the entire family’s health status. He was an important part of the family. It is very beneficial for your family in the long term to have a family physician.

Here are the top reasons why you should have a family physician:

  1. You get an accurate diagnosis:

If you complain of tiredness, then your family doctor will pay attention to it and give you an accurate diagnosis. This is because he knows you well and will catch symptoms of your ill health, if anything seems amiss. He is aware of your family health history, your lifestyle, habits and current medication you are taking. He is in a much better position to notice any changes in your health symptomatically.

On the other hand, if you tell new physician who sees you for the first time, he may not pay much attention to a common symptom like fatigue. He is more likely to dismiss it as a case of exertion or take a few more visits to diagnose the real cause for it.

2. You are comfortable:

Many people find it pretty intimidating to see a doctor and tend to become nervous around him or in the hospital ambiance. Since you know your doctor well, you are less prone to being nervous around him. You will have little or no inhibition in discussing your symptoms and distress as you are comfortable in your family physician’s presence. The trust on your doc puts you at ease and you have better chances of recovering from an illness in such a supportive medical environment.

  1. You get speedy medical help:

If you develop an allergy or faint, your family doctor is able to medically help you faster in comparison to a physician you are seeing for the first time. This is because your family doc knows your medical history in and out. Therefore he is able to provide you with emergency medical care much faster. This works in your favour as you don’t lose critical time in getting medical attention in case of emergencies.

Even under normal conditions, your family doc is available to help you out over the phone. This saves you a lot of worrying and delay in getting medical care and advice.

  1. You get an expert’s medical advice:

If you have a constant headache, you may guess that you have poor eyesight. You may visit an ophthalmologist for further testing and diagnosis. But if you go to your family physician, he will make better diagnosis than you can. This is because he is more experienced and has years of practice behind him.

Depending upon your total assessment, he may refer you to a gastrointestinal specialist as severe acidity may be the root cause of your headaches or a heart specialist for hypertension as high blood pressure may be giving you headaches.

Also, he acts as a one point reference and keeps tab of your tests by other specialists. He may suggest the best specialists and give a better overview of your health.

  1. You save on money, time and hassle:

If you visit a doctor who is new to you and not likely to see you after a couple of visits, he may suggest you a number of tests for better diagnosis. This is done to rule out any risk of ailments that your doctor is not aware of.

But if you have a family physician, then he would know your health status and recommend a few necessary tests for any diagnosis. This is because he can assess your health condition better than a new physician as he is in touch with you over the years.

You don’t have to undergo the hassle of getting too many tests done unnecessarily and your precious time is not wasted. You don’t have to spend on various tests recommended by the new doctor you are visiting. So, in all your family physician is a great health adviser for you.

  1. You prevent future ailments:

Your family doc will put you and your family members under regular checkups. This is very important. It helps rule out the risk of any ailments early on. For example, if you have a history of heart disease, then your family doc will keep a tab on your triglycerides and cholesterol count through timely checkups. If the numbers are higher than the normal count, he will put you on special diet and exercise regimen to prevent further deterioration.

  1. You have a long and healthy life:

When you have a family doctor, you are more likely to have a long and healthy life than when you don’t have one. This is because you get continuity in medical care. It means that your doctor has a relationship with you. He knows you over years and has knowledge about your health goals. You get timely medical care and all your family members stay healthy with regular checkups.

For example, if your parents had hypertension, your family physician will suggest you exercises and diet to keep your blood pressure under control and even get you regularly tested for heart blockage. A new physician might not know you well enough to give you best medical advice and care in a couple of visits.

As a result of regular medical supervision by your family doc, you and your family tend to have a better health status.

Find yourself a family physician and enjoy the perks of good health and wellness along with your loved ones! Make your family’s health your priority.