…even after centuries. This is mainly due to its unbeatable health building qualities. The very name of garlic in Sanskrit, “Lashuna” means “that which devours diseases of the heart.

The only repulsive, unpleasant odour in garlic is due to its sulphur content, a mineral which has remarkable medicinal virtues. Garlic (Allium sativum) is a rare herb which has all the 5 tastes except sour.

What Makes Garlic Stand Out

It pacifies vata dosha and the diseases predominant of vata dosha. However, it aggravates pitta dosha.

  1. Stimulant
  2. Anti-cholesterol
  3. Anti- bacterial
  4. Aphrodisiac
  5. Anthelmintic
  6. Analgesic
  7. Diuretic
  8. Emmenagogue
  9. Anti-fungal
  10. It helps to dissolve the accumulation of mucus in the sinus cavities, bronchial tubes and the lungs
  11. It helps in the expulsion of poisons from body through pores of the skin.

Formulations in Ayurveda which contains garlic include Lashuna erandadi kashayam and Lashunadi ghritam.

Here are some medicinal uses and home remedies with garlic!

  1. Joint pains, high cholesterol, and heart disease: Boil a few crushed cloves in a glass of milk and 4 glasses of water and reduce it to a glass. Take this milk decoction daily for a month, for beneficial results.

  2. Asthma, respiratory allergies: Take ginger tea with some garlic cloves in it, twice daily to clear the airways and reduce susceptibility to allergies.

  3. Tuberculosis: decoction of garlic boiled in milk, can be taken thrice daily for beneficial results.

  4. Earaches:  A few drops of fresh garlic juice can be instilled into the affected ear or garlic juice mixed with some sesame oil can be used in the same way.

  5. Seasonal fevers, epilepsy: Mix few cloves of garlic with some ghee or sesame oil and consume this before food, to bring down fever of any kind.

  6. Abdominal distention: Garlic soup mixed with cumin, pepper and coriander seeds are the best remedy for this.

  7. Obesity: grind 3 grams of garlic and consume this along with 2 ounce milk daily.

  8. Sprains: to reduce the swelling and inflammation, paste made of garlic and turmeric in quick lime can be applied locally for beneficial results.

  9. Joint pain: Garlic cloves crushed in mustard oil acts as a warming and stimulating application. This is recommended during winter.

  10. Eczema: Garlic cloves dried in shade can be added to coconut oil and boiled until the cloves turn black. Squeeze out these charred cloves into the oil and apply.

  11. Fungal infection of the foot along with itching: Make a paste of equal quantities of garlic and turmeric and apply this on the affected area.

  12. To regain consciousness: instil few drops of garlic juice into the fainted person’s nostrils.

  13. Wounds and ulcers:  garlic juice with three parts of distilled water is employed as a lotion for cleansing infected wounds. Application of diluted garlic juice over an ulcer removes pus in a few days.

  1. Lock jaw: Make of paste of garlic with rock salt. Consume 1 gram of this paste thrice daily and also apply this on the affected area to get positive results.

  2. Those afflicted with vata roga: crush 3 grams of garlic and mix it with 10 grams of butter and consume daily.

Who Should Not use Garlic?

People suffering from halitosis should refrain from consuming garlic. Since garlic is hot and pungent in nature, its proper use is recommended. It is also advised to avoid the use of garlic on or before menstruation as it tends to increase bleeding in ladies having heavy menstrual periods. It should not be used by people prone to hyperacidity, skin allergies and rashes. Garlic should not be applied on the skin directly; it should always be diluted before use. Avoid overuse of garlic regularly at all costs!