Reduce Stress by Taking Cues of Your Body Movements

Did you know stress exists as much in your body as it exists in your mind? Thereby by understanding different body movements that indicate negative emotions you can avoid stress from creating havoc in your life. For eg:, tightly clenching your fists when angry is a sign that your body is taking on the stress. Swallowing your words when you want to yell at someone is yet another way that you lodge stress in your body. You want to disagree but instead you simply smile and agree with the other person. This also is a negative emotion stored in your body.  So heed to your body cues and know where tension is building in your body. When stressed, observe your breathing, move around a little and wave your hands. All these small acts will help you take charge of your stress and help reduce it.

Read findings and insight on a research conducted on psychologytoday.

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