Relieve Stress with These Amazing Weekend Getaways Near Mumbai

Do you relish travelling?

Well, who doesn’t? Travelling is the one thing, which not many people are averse to. Moreover, if you live and work in Mumbai, travelling is a must for stress relief!

Searching for places to visit and things to do can take a lot of time and effort. As a frequent traveller, I can understand how long it takes to pick out a place to visit. You want to know everything about that place; how far it is, what is there to see, the ways you can travel, and many such questions.

While looking for places to visit near Mumbai, I stumbled upon an amazing list that has covered over 50 destinations one can visit from this city for a quick weekend getaway. All these destinations are divided based on their distance from Mumbai and the time it takes to reach there. For instance; the closest destination is Panvel (42kms) and the furthest is Vengurle (545kms).

The elongated list covers everything a person would need to know about a destination they want to visit. One such destination mentioned in this list is Panchgani. Everything from the best time to visit Panchgani, what it is famous for, places you can visit while at Panchgani and much more is mentioned about this destination!

This infographic is designed and developed by, owned by Kasturi Wartikar Dave. The fact that non-hotels concept was (and still is) new to India, led her to start this unique website with off-beat accommodations for ardent travellers, who want to experience something beyond the ordinary, something hutke!

I have shared the infographic below for you to make the most of it. So, why wait? Dive in already and plan your next 55 weekends!


Nirav Dave,

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