Restless leg syndrome is characterised by acute restlessness in the legs. In the beginning it may appear to be a slight uncomfortable feeling in the legs and slowly the uncomfortable feeling grows and compels the person to move the legs continuously.

Restless legs syndrome can be experienced while sitting, lying down and even sleeping. After moving the legs, the person suffering from it, experiences relief but that is only for a short while. A person may experience restless leg syndrome in the arms as well.

This condition aggravates during evening and night causing restlessness leading to other sleeping problems. Natural ways is the best way to cure restless leg syndrome. This is not a chronic disorder and can be cured by simple ways and few dietary changes.

Causes: The main cause of restless leg syndrome (RLS) is not known. However, it has been associated with other medical conditions like Diabetes, Iron deficiency, Kidney failure, Parkinson disease, Peripheral neuropathy, Pregnancy and Rheumatoid arthritis.

RLS is more commonly observed in females, especially when they are pregnant. Middle aged people are also prone to RLS. Kids rarely suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome.

Natural Remedies:

1. Avoid stimulating drinks:
Try to reduce any food or drink which act as stimulants. Reduce the intake of tea and coffee as well as carbonated drinks. Do not consume any caffeinated drinks right before bed time. You must also cut down on chocolate while your Restless legs syndrome is not cure properly.

2. Avoid stress:
Try to reduce stress in your day to day life. Stress is known to trigger Restless Leg Syndrome. Relaxation techniques, meditation and a better lifestyle will help you reduce your stress levels.

3. Exercise:
Exercise regularly. Start with simple walking, jogging and running exercises. Do not over strain yourself as it may aggravate Restless leg syndrome. Exercise will help improve the blood circulation in the legs which will help ease the uncomfortable feeling in the legs.

4. Iron, magnesium and vitamin-rich diet:
The main cause of RLS is not known, however, some experts associate the same with nutrient deficiency. Have foods that are rich in iron, magnesium and vitamins. Have more fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet.

5. Massage
A warm mustard oil massage is helpful in easing Restless Legs Syndrome. It helps in reducing the uneasiness and pain in the legs. It also helps calm down the muscles in the legs. Wear a sock after massaging your legs as it helps in better absorption of the oil.

6. Stretching exercises:
Start your day with simple stretching exercises especially of the legs. This will help improve the blood circulation.

7. Hot or cold compresses:
Some people find warm compresses more helpful and some people find cold compresses more helpful in treating Restless legs syndrome. You can also try alternating between the two.

8. Soak the legs
Soaking the legs in hot or cold water helps ease the symptoms. You can also soak them in hot and cold water alternatively. A warm bath also helps people ease the symptoms of Restless leg syndrome.

9. Pillow:
Take an extra pillow and keep it between your knees while sleeping, it helps calm the legs.

10. Relax yourself before sleeping hours:
If you are relaxed during sleeping hours, the Restless leg syndrome will not be that bad. Read a book, listen to calming music, have a glass of warm milk, meditate or use aromatherapy to sleep better at night.

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