Say Bye to Monsoon Skin and Hair Worries

Wondering how to continue looking your best in this humid monsoon? Just as much as each of us might love the rains the associated skin and hair troubles always give us the blues. Extreme humidity makes skin oily and hair dull and tangled. The number one rule for saving your skin in the monsoon is to keep it clean and dry. This prevents the pores from getting clogged. Simple home-made mixtures like almond paste and honey are good to help with cleaning and exfoliating the skin. Moisturizing dry skin helps to rejuvenate it. Use the right moisturizer depending on your skin type. For your hair, you might want to try a monsoon hair trim to help managing it better. Washing and conditioning your hair at least thrice a week is advised to keep it healthy.

Get rid of your monsoon fears by following these practical tips from TOI.

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